Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spirituality = Good Behavior + Empathy + Aligning with Universe :-)

Good behavior : I think this is a start.. we want to respect people around us, listen to what they say and be thankful for all the things around us.

Empathy: Is understanding how others feel in the situation. this will take us long way in understanding others situation and help them if we can. This takes the question out of our mind why people behave in a certain way.

Desires: What I cannot do myself or cannot afford to pay for someone to do for me .. is it that important in life? Why this question.. most of the things that bothers us are that we are not able to do our self. If we were able to then we won't be stressed out or worried about it because it is taken care of ..  

“Happiness belongs to the self sufficient.” 


Carrying a feeling of guilt/sadness: Past is past and for all the good reasons we did the best we could in the situation. Keeping the guilt or sadness of the past restricts us moving forward and make a difference in life.. we have present and the future .. where we are is due to the past and where we will be in the future depends on today.. so make today the best day to help yourself make the future that is peaceful and happy.. be what ever age you are.

Creating a positive Aura : We should try not to focus on the negative thoughts as it leads as no where .. We should focus on the cause of negative thoughts and try to find peace with the cause..Sometime accepting it as it is bring peace than trying to fix it. It is a personal choice to make.

Aligning With the Universe : Universe is giving in nature .. we take air, water, food and lot of things from the universe.. we need to figure out the flow of the universe and align our self with it. Since it is the natural flow of things.. when we align we are facing less resistance .. which makes life smoother.

The least that I need: This is another one that I will emphasis on .. We should live on the minimum that is required for us.. we can always plan to have abundance and share.. If we can live on minimum then  we need to work for minimum that reduces the stress in life and is good for planet earth.

Expect Nothing in return : When we give we should not expect anything in return.. this takes off the expectation we attach with giving. It is like..we could give it or do something for someone as we were graced with the abundance of it.. The universe gave me and we gave it back to the universe.

Taking it without expectations: I think this is controversial feeling the gratitude of someone giving and committing to give back when we can is the key to this state of mind. Some have abundance of money, time and a way to connect. When we have it.... we choose to share and prosper. There are some duties that we are expected to do and we should perform those duties.. towards parents,children and society.

Giving Back to the Universe:  In someways we should not be "absorbing only"/selfish.. what we take to survive we should give back as well otherwise we are disrupting the flow of energy and happiness .. anger is one form of disrupting the flow of energy as we hold anger within ourselves. GIVING IS THE TRUE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE.

Accepting the people as they are around us :  I think leaving some instances how people behave does not effect us .. so we should try to accept people as they are.. as everyone is on their own journey of evolution.. they may be far ahead or behind you.

For the life we live today.. it is depending on lot of things around us .. like water is supplied by a company, trash is picked by a company.. the grown up children don't live with us anymore,there are other commitments that we need to  honor today than in the old days. So in someways we cannot go off the grid. We cannot escape some of the things today.. so we need to figure out a way to live within our means and have life weaved in a way that makes it easy on us.

Purpose of the soul is to grow and get better.. we need to overcome challenges in life to be a better soul. Best Wishes and Happy Journey Through life...

Be COMPETENT and be spiritual otherwise weak/incompetent people can be very spiritual as they don't want to deal with life and people around them.

Please don't give Spirituality as an excuse not to be able to deal with people, communicate, not able to ask right questions and making every one feel that they are out to get them or they don't exist . It gives a bad name to Spirituality.

Self Improvement