Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mercury in 12th House Career

In astrology as we know 12th house consider malefic house and if your 10th lord placed in 12th house is known as Dur Yoga means there can be trouble in your career,  but there are many other career possibilities.  Any sign, house, or planet that is associated with the 12th house or Pisces archetype can be expressed on a public or collective level through a profession.  It is important to understand, this does not mean that the Pisces archetype refers to a more glamorous or soulful career, while the “boring job” would be the 10th house. Although fame and glamour can surely be part of the Pisces archetype dynamic, we can also expect to find the more accessible professions. Tapping  into a collective need through one’s profession can be done quite mundanely, in fact, this is more common than the glamorous expressions. So when Mercury in 12th house what kind of career we can expect.

First we need to know what is 12th house ? 12th house is the house of loss. This is the house of where any one can see whether it is through internet or through T. V. This is the house of foreign land, hospital, jail, ashram, non charitable institute, behind the scene ( working in film industry), meditation, yoga, temples etc. Now what is Mercury ? Mercury is that planet of message, media, rational thinking, communications, decision-making, gathering information, siblings, short distance travelling etc. Now you mix the both of them and especially if you have pisces energy in 3rd or 6th house or Mercury rule your 10th house or Mercury in 12th house.

Mercury in the 12th house of the imagination, dreams, subconscious and spirituality thoughts are easily directed toward the world and really deep thinkers. Mercury in 12th house is very imaginative and give interest in music, and learn best through created images presentation.
Mercury in 12th house have an amazing ability for words to collective conscious.  The 12th house is perfect for writing stuff like poetry and fictional stories. Lots of famous science-fiction writers, arthur have mercury in 12th house, however they have a hard time to concentrate and often their mind wanders a lot.  

They can be in transportation, travel, communication, language and translation, cross-cultural professions, kind of career. Painting, singing, writing, films, dance, drama are some of the matters which are governed by the third house pisces archetype energy. Mercury in the 12th house or pisces in the third house, these individuals can be conduits of information to the public, a messengers without discrimination. Mercury in 12th house exposed through the media. They can be behind the scenes in the media industry, so they can be a journalist. They can also be a sound engineering or it can be technical and they can be working as a news reader. However pisces energy in the third house and Mercury in 12th house can have a lot of problems with schooling and with communicating on an intimate level and 12th house can be difficult on an intimate level but easier on the collective level. So the person can have a hard time communicating with his or her partner but can communicate to the public.

Mercury in 12th house can give medical field, conventional or alternative modalities, mechanics, maintenance, secretarial work, hygiene-related professions, domestication of the wild animal training, agriculture, professions related to body use and refinement diet industries are some of the matters which are governed by the sixth house pisces archetype energy.  These people like to speak on humanitarian issues.

These are the some clues of career Mercury in 12th house or in Pisces sign.

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