Friday, May 1, 2015

Wow Career !!! How Astrology Can Help

To have a successful career we need to understand our family and the work environment. As family supports us or we need to support our family. In the work environment we need to figure out who benefits from us and how we are useful in the work place.

As they say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder .. the same goes for the relationships we have in office . If we know what is expected from us or people get what we are doing for them .. the chances of the recognition, possibility of promotion and bonus is higher.

Now we all know this  and based on the observations we can try to do better in the environment and try to prosper.
This will be very helpful for Entrepreneur, Business and People who wants to be successful.

How can Astrology help us to be successful?  There are multiple advantages that we can have if we understand some of the following things...
  1. How we present our self (Personality king maker or king or executor etc)
  2. Naturally What we want to do.
  3. Areas where we are creative
  4. Areas where we excel (kind of work/Skill)
  5. What is the best environment for us to excel.
  6. How we look at money and deal with it
Have you ever seen that there s a certain time when we get stressed out or just don't feel right.. it used to happen to me and I would get worried about my work place.. will I be able to do the things or not.. After a while I realized that it is a cycle that when I have a dasha of a planet in my cruel house will cause me discomfort.. I started observing it and when I have this dasha .. I am prepared and try to focus on the communication and what I do.. It has given me peace of mind and improved my engagement with the people. For them I don't come out as a person who is in constantly trying to prove himself or who is over cautious.

Being sad and not happy: Have you ever being in a situation that we start feeling sad or not happy with a situation for no practical reason..but the perspective is sad .. Sometimes this happens due to planetary influences.. Once we know it is the case .. we can be very objective in the areas when and which are effected by these alignment.

If you feel like you have lot of potential but due to some reason you are not able to achieve your goals. Astrology can help us highlight bottle-necks in our self. Once we are able to identify then we can take steps to remove those blockages and contradictions that exist in our subconscious mind. Which can help us realize our potential and dreams.

Initiating things at a positive time (3 years Dasha 1 year transit Snapshot).. If we want to do sometime important in our life we plan for it and want to make sure that we succeed. Like we start our day in the morning when there is natural light similarly we should initiate things when people around us are on same page and aligned with us. It ensures our success and prosperity (Planning is always important).

Relationship with people around us (1 person) : It is very important to figure out how we should interact with people around us. We are constantly doing that.. for additional help we should look at  Synastry which is a good way to know what people around us think about us and what they are expecting and what we can expect from them in return. (Keep this in mind there is not much to analyze people around you unless they tell you.. this is a subconscious level of insight)

Rahu and Ketu or as a matter of fact other axis of planets.. In our life e.g if we are focused on our-self we will ignore or not pay much attention to the relationships.. This is axis of 1 and 7th house .. like wise axis in our chart create an imbalance if we are not aware of it. We are able to reconcile our axis (which is referred to as midlife crisis)  when all the planets mature and we are able to balance our-self. Why wait for midlife crisis to understand imbalance of energies. The earlier we know about these axis we can be happy and  successful in life.

Consultation will include your soul purpose
upto total 10 questions related to career
Career & Wealth Analysis 
3 years Dasha 1 Year transit which includes Jupiter,Saturn & Nodes
Synastry with one person/business partner 
1 hour call/Chat
Full Astrology (Vedic chart) Report 

After this consultation you will feel empowered and have more control over success than before.

Consult for your Career, Relationship.. This is a comprehensive consultation worth more than $500 for now it is for $250. I expect complete feedback. Your success is my success as if you are successful you will easily refer people to me. 
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