Thursday, May 14, 2015

Why We Listen to a Guru.

When I talk to people they say they have a Guru or they are looking for a Guru or they have not found a guru...

What is this Guru thing... why is that so.. what do these gurus do :-) this came to me as a curiosity .. started doing some thinking and analysis..

Following is what I thought of and may be of some interest to you as well ..

A guru is a person who has wisdom of life and they advice us in some ways to solve the problem. Now if you look at  it some times our friends and close one do the same thing and probably give the same advice .. why does it work with a GURU and not with other people..

I think it is because we doubt  and don't follow the advice given to us by other people.. But for the advice given to us by a GURU we don't doubt and follow through even if we don't get intended results.. we kind of have a faith and we try to follow the advice. Also something in us tells us that it is not our time and keep on trying.

There is a old story about 2 individuals who started their careers went to a elderly person for advice One person got the advice for free and the other person was charged one silver coin per advice .. after 10 years when both came back and met the elderly person.. the one with free advice was still an ordinary person where as the person who paid one silver coin per advice was wealthy and successful person.. upon inquiring the elderly person said that they both were given the same advice .. it is just the person who paid for it gave it a serious thought and try to use it where ever possible.

So if we look at it... the guidance and direction is all out there to solve our problem.. It is we who needs to give a serious thought and implement it.. till we are not serious about solving our issues .. we cannot find the answers.

We owe it to our-self to find our own way and not be waiting or blaming someone else for the things that happens in our life.

Spiritualism is another aspect of it where we need someone who can guide us through a path where we have not been and Astrologer is a person who can highlight subconscious influences on our mind to unravel it for dealing with our issues.   

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