Sunday, January 26, 2014

Creativity in Children Astrology

Every parent expects their children to develop some kind of special talent. Every child has the potential of certain talent in them. Most parents find difficulty in determining exactly which creative talent their child have. The child horoscope profile is an excellent guide to his special interest and abilities. Using this information parents can help a child find several alternative that will not only provide creative outlets, but enhance their psychological strengths.

The 5th house is called the house of creative self-expression. The 5th house also represents the area of love, which can be expressed through creative activities. The 11th house is the opposite of 5th house tells us receiving love. This is the house where we create our goals. Creativity flows naturally and most beneficially when the child is doing something they really love to do. Through the creative self-process, the child open to greater self-love.

Venus is the planet of love and expression of feeling of love. Venus also represents beauty, a quality which lies with in each of us and which we need to feel and express. The sign in which Venus is placed shows artistic talent of the child. 

Venus in sign is artistic and creative expression of the child.

Venus in Aries: Designing hats, hairdressing, drums and athletic dance.

Venus in Taurus: Singing and music, flower decoration and jewelry making,

Venus in Gemini: Playing violin and guitar, prestidigitation (magic tricks), knitting and sewing.

Venus in Cancer: Cooking, Doll making, water ballet and gardening.

Venus in Leo: Acting, circus performing, movie making and creative games.

Venus in Virgo: Sculpting, drafting, fine line drawing and etching and calligraphy.

Venus in Libra: Fashion design, music, making confections and acting.

Venus in Scorpio: Magic arts, underwater photography and cello.

Venus in Sagittarius: Animal trainings especially horses, promoting others and journalism.

Venus in Capricorn: Ice sculpting, ice dancing and creation with crystal.

Venus in Aquarius: Innovative arts, ice skating and music composition.

Venus in Pisces: Visionary arts, Animation and swimming.

If Venus aspect or conjunct by any other planet modify the creative interest of the child. These aspect or conjunction may enhance or inhibited the energy.

Venus conjunct Sun: The sense of self-expression with grace, charm in a refined and artistic manner. The Sun gives a dramatic power to artistic expression. This would be helpful in acting and modeling.

Venus conjunct Moon: The sense of self-expression through emotions.

Venus conjunct Mercury: The sense of self-expression through verbal communication and writing skill.

Venus conjunct Mars: They have talent in dance and visual arts and the child is boldly expressive.
Jupiter and Saturn also affect creative expression of the child when they are conjunct with Venus. Others trans personal planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also affect Venus when the conjunct with Venus.

Uranus aspect to Venus brings interest in application of technological like synthesized music, computer games, electronic and desktop publishing.

Neptune aspect to Venus brings sensitivity, mysticism and vision to the creative expression. The house position of Neptune can indicate the dreams and imaginations flows and the inner realms can be connected ti the outside world.

Pluto aspect to the Venus brings intensity, power, and passion to artistic expression. Transforming stones into statue is an excellent example of Venus aspected by Pluto.

Saturn aspect to Venus brings concentration, focus and limitations. What types of support the child needs indicated by the planet Saturn.

Through analyzing the needs and the potential talents from the 5th house, Venus, Mercury and other planets, we can determine positive creative directions for the child and encourage them to explore and express these aspects of the self.