Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Planets Transit/Shift in 2014 Forecast Vedic Astrology

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Mostly people wondering about how will be 2014 and what could be the planetary changes in the sky which affect their life. Well planets moves all the time, but there are three main planets which remain longer in one sign and they are Jupiter which spend his time one year in one sign, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu  (South Node) spend almost one and half year in one sign and Saturn spend two and half year in one sign. Now this time Mars will also be spending more time in one sign because it is going to be retrograde. So let’s check out these four planets in 2014.

Right now Jupiter is in Gemini and it will move/shift into Cancer in mid June 2014, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu  (South Node) axis move into Virgo and Pisces in mid July 2014, then Mars moves in Libra in mid July 2014 after going retrograde in November 2013. Then Saturn, who has been in Libra since the end of 2011, will go into Scorpio in the beginning of November.

Jupiter has been in Gemini since June of 2013. Gemini is the sign of communication and intellectual and Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, teaching, inspiration, children, and beliefs system, Jupiter in Gemini sign is expanding our understanding of our teachings and beliefs, trying to understand them more intellectually as Jupiter went through Gemini. It’s a good time for studying and for trying to figure out what you believe in intellectually.

Sometime around mid-June Jupiter shift/enter into Cancer from Gemini. Cancer sign is emotional sign. Cancer is ruled by the Moon which rule mind, selfless love for children and deeper intuition power, therefore Jupiter is exalted in Cancer because Moon (mother) is the karaka of children and children represent hope and inspiration in our life to live. If we don’t have a deeper meaning in our life or in our heart, we’re just living to satisfy our desires. In Cancer Jupiter expands through the heart. Jupiter is about meaning, hope and purpose things that are bigger than just this world, things that are higher and more meaningful than just our ups and downs of life. Jupiter is moving into Cancer in 2014 in mid-June. People may feel the enormous strength, inner meaning, purpose and peace in their heart.

Those people who have Jupiter in Cancer sign will get benefited by this and receive many opportunity to rise in the area of life where Jupiter rule in their birth chart. This year will be the most beneficial year to connect with the higher wisdom and inspiration with the heart.

Rahu (North Node) and Ketu  (South Node) is presently in Libra and aries axis. They will shift their axis around mid-July 2014. Because Rahu (North Node) and Ketu  (South Node) are retrograde therefore Rahu (North Node) enters Virgo Ketu  (South Node) enters Pisces.

Rahu (North Node) in Virgo and Ketu  (South Node) in Pisces are sign in which these nodes axis does well. Which means Rahu (North Node) in Mercury ruled signs and Ketu  (South Node) in Jupiter ruled signs are beneficial because Mercury is very supportive to Rahu (North Node) and Jupiter is supportive to Ketu  (South Node). Rahu (North Node) is curious and intelligent planet like Mercury and about figuring things out or understanding things. Therefore Rahu (North Node) in Virgo is active. Ketu  (South Node) in Pisces sign does well because they both represents similar things like isolation, to let go things, spirituality and etc. When Ketu  (South Node) in Pisces signs, it elevates the quality of Ketu  (South Node). It is actually an energy deeply connected beyond this world. This is a big axis for the next couple of years. Rahu (North Node) and Virgo is going to be gathering information and organizing it, and Ketu  (South Node) in Pisces is metaphysical. There is an enormous amount of growth spiritually can be seen in personal and world level if we can get over our criticism habits.

Mars enters Libra leaves Virgo in mid July 2014.
Mars has been in Virgo since the end of November of 2013, that’s a long time, considering that Mars is usually only in a sign for no more than 2 months. Transit of Mars in Virgo is tough may give some health problems in general to everyone in that area of life where Mars sign fall in their birth chart. Need to take extra precaution to take care physical health. 
Mars entering Libra in mid July 2014
This could be a time of some relationship disturbance and difficulty because Libra sign is of diplomacy and peace where Mars is the individualistic planet it create problem in relationship. Mars leaves Virgo, he joined Saturn in Libra in mid July. This could be a time where relationships are challenged.

In the beginning of November 2014 Saturn enters/shift Scorpio. Saturn is in Libra since the end of 2011 and it was exalted there. In Libra Saturn focused around relationships and how we relate to others. But in Scorpio Saturn loses its structure because Scorpio is water sign. Scorpio which is more about deeper psychological and emotional stress, fear, worry and Saturn also fears and stress so those people have Moon in Scorpio should prepare themselves from the effect of sadesati they need to pour water on lord shiva in saturday and recite hanuman chalisa, because is the lord of wind and during the time of sadesati we short of breath due to stress and fear they need to meditate and do pranayama exercise regularly to reduce the effect of sadesati. 

Following is the forecast for each ascendent........