Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Remedy of All Evil Planets Shivling or OM (LORD SHIVA) Astrology

People ask about what is importance of Shivling in astrology and How it dissolve the bad effect of life. To understand this we need to look into the meaning of life and how it is created. We all know life is a miracle, no one can create life then how life is created.

We all know this life is created by the energy of the universe. Who is the energy? Well we all know Sun is the ultimate power supply of this universe, but is Sun alone capable to create life ? NO.

In astrology Sun present father but father cannot create a child without mother. Moon is mother in astrology. A child is created with union of father (Sun) and mother (Moon). Moon is part of earth which separated in time and start to rotate around Earth. This rotation of Moon around the Earth and rotation of earth around the sun create a vibration or energy from which life created. This is the energy field from which everything is created. It is the primordial sound ‘’OM’’. It is the primordial sound of the universe. It is the energetic vibration from which everything came from. Everything in existence in universe manifested into reality from the vibration of OM. We need some kind of form to relate to the energy therefore we name this this energetic vibration as ‘’SHIVLING’’. So in a way it is the field of energy from where everything comes into existence.

But how it help in dissolve our bad karma?

People came to astrologer when they are in some kind of problem. It could be anything like love, career, money etc. Due to all these kind of problem the person are mentally disturbed. But to connected with energy we need to peaceful in mind. If we are not peaceful we cannot connect this energy. As we make our mind peaceful by doing meditation or doing some ritual like pouring milk(1/10 milk to water ratio) on shivling, It awakens the cosmic energy which exist within us, because we all came from same energy, therefore we all have this energy in ourselves. When we connect this energy within us whatever we wish manifest  into reality. Therefore if we are connected with this energy in  daily routine we can fulfill our desire.

Everything in this universe, every atom and molecule, came into existence because of this energy vibration. OM Sound creates form. OM is the vibration from which everything originated.

Importance of 108 Number

When we do spiritual practice we are always told to chant mantra 108 times. What is the importance of this number? 108 is scared number, if we count distance from earth to Moon there will be 108 Moon between earth to Moon. And if we count distance earth to Sun there will be 108 sun come between earth to Sun. And we all know life created from these two energies Moon and Sun. Sun is the purusha shakti (shiva) and Moon is pratki shakti (parvati) and we are on earth so to connect with this cosmic energy we chant 108 number of any mantra which you like to do.

How Paraynama Helps in connecting with Lord Shiva.

Sun and Moon rule Ajna chakra which is third eye of lord Shiva which exist in our body in between two eyes. We all know many stories about lord Shiva want to marry to goddess Parvati. It is the personification of this Ajna chakra. To bring balance in our body we need to balance this AJNA CHAKRA. There are three main subtler channels in the body from which prana flows these are pingala nadi (right nostril), ida nadi (left nostril) and sushumna nadi (central). Sun present pingala nadi and Moon present ida nadi and when we practice pranayama breathing exercise it try to fill these channel with prana (air) and when this two channel balanced (Sun and Moon) then try they activate the kundalini shakti which reside within. In this process lord shiva (Sun) meet goddess parvati (Moon). Again this process we activate the energies which reside with in us.

Shree Yantra

There is geometric form of this energy, which we called Shree Yantra and is a symbol of OM. The ‘yantra’ means mystical diagram and this yantras is worshiped to fulfill desires. The Shree Yantra symbolizes link between the manifest and unmanifest and each shape and triangle. In the Shree Yantra we can see link between unseen life to seen life in the universe.

Same thing describe in the FLOWER OF LIFE symbol.

Rahu and Ketu which are not the planets, they are the points where sun (soul), moon (mind), and earth (body) intersect in the sky. this point is very powerful, this field work like a magnetic field where we feel more energy. rahu and ketu always create problems to understand truth of life, therefore they always retrograde because they reflect back in our psychic mind, they always work on subconscious mind. To calm down Rahu and Ketu effect one should  worship LORD SHIVA. This  is the most POWERFUL REMEDY of Rahu and Ketu. If you ever look Lord Shiva picture there is always snake around his neck , they are Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are only in control of Lord  Shiva. If some one want calm down their Rahu and Ketu they should worship Lord Shiva.

So to dissolve bad karma one should connect with universe power.


Through any method which you like.