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Jupiter Conjunction (together) With Saturn / Mars / Mercury in Astrology

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, hope, wisdom, luck, wealth, finance, children, travel, and gains in life. Jupiter is the husband in women char. Jupiter is the guiding force in every woman's life. Jupiter is guru and grace of god. If someone have good Jupiter in horoscope its mean he have god grace, and everything is life taken care. Jupiter is guidance of life.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Saturn is the planet of world, limitation, boundaries it makes person aware of time, as Saturn shows you the truth of life. It teaches to live in reality, Saturn is delater of thing in life, disciplined, practicality, long term goal in life. Saturn makes people humble by giving harshness in life. Saturn is the steadiness of mind, power to live in lonely and do good meditation.

These two planets are different in nature in astrology. Saturn is about materialism, reputation, status, power and security of life. And Jupiter is the planet of spirituality, religion which connect us with other world or with true wisdom of life. Although they are neutral to each other but Jupiter debilitated in Saturn sign where he forced to do material thing which he don’t like. They both present wealth. When Jupiter conjunction with Saturn based on karma and they gives hope, optimism, guidance, wealth, and happiness related with past life karma. However Saturn delays things therefore this conjunction delays these things in life. These people found themselves around the age of 29 or 36 of age. These people dreams and hope are always obstructed by realism and practicality due to Saturn. They pursue their goals in a systematic,disciplined, slowly and steadily. These people are responsible, disciplined, focused, and hard worker. Initially their spiritual journey is hampered but later on they become very spiritual. They are seeker of knowledge. Jupiter represents husband in women chart if a women have this conjunction she may get  this kind of husband.

Jupiter conjunct Mars

Mars is the planet of action, individuality, courage, defending, discipline, will-power, ambition, passion, will to act, initiation, expressing anger, black and white thinking. Mars represent secret enemies, cuts, fire, violence, competition, accident. Mars is decision and fighting ability with in us. Mars represent male friends, brother and brotherly figures in life.

Jupiter and Mars are good friend in astrology. This conjunction known as guru mangal yoga, the Jupiter (guru) and Mars (Mars) Yoga. This is very good conjuction because Mars is action and when it come with Jupiter it boost energy into a person with guidance and knowledge. The person is energetic, resourceful, pioneering, and adventurous. These people are very hopeful optimistic and lively in life approach. They like to know about life mysteries and like to learn about philosophy, religious and spirituality. They take their action with very thoughtful way they are not irrational in their action. It makes them have leadership qualities and fight for the right cause. They are guided by a higher knowledge and guidance. As Jupiter represents teacher if these people in teaching subject they teach their student with passion and with full of energy. This conjunction person to act to do good work which leads to them in return to gain wealth, worldly comfort and financial success. They have good ability for do business and they can be founder of big Company. Jupiter represents husband in women chart if a women have this conjunction she may get  this kind of husband.

Jupiter conjunct Mercury

Mercury is the planet of intellect, speech, mathematics, analysis and logic. Mercury represents intellectual capacity, independent type of thinking ,how you memorize the things, Mercury is about a quick wit, how you calculate the things. Mercury represents the learning and Speaking ability all intellectual activities in general., how you communicate with the people. Reasoning and the ability to rationalize things.

Mercury is intelligence, and Jupiter is abstract knowledge . Jupiter is a believe it may be right or wrong. But when Jupiter conjunction with Mercury then this person have ability to find truth or true meaning of life. They are able to find whether their belief is right or wrong. They have good judgement power and discrimination power. This combination makes good teacher teacher. They are have good intellectual level and they like to talk about with optimism and hope. They are good speaker about spirituality, philosophy, and religion. Mercury represent ideas and Jupiter is expansion generally these people have big ideas about the life and how to make it better. They are good in studies and higher learning. Jupiter is wealth and Mercury is calculation they are good in analytical and calculation they can be good financial adviser. Jupiter represents husband in women chart if a women have this conjunction she may get  this kind of husband.

These are the general result when planet in good sign or good dignity. Result can be different according to the sign and house placement of the junction. 

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