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Saturn and the Early Development of Child

Saturn represents integrity, boundaries, limits, structure, discipline, responsibility and honor. Saturn is the planet of karma, the rings around Saturn denote the limits,our karma and result of our actions. Saturn is the planet of time, it teaches us to live in present and in a simple way. Saturn teaches us about harsh realities of life. It is the nature of Saturn to shatter our illusions around fear and make us grow up. Saturn makes us mature.

Saturn's influence on the childhood can be very challenging because Saturn is the only planet which makes things hard to get for everyone including children. Children’s confidence is directly related to whether or not their needs are met as unmet needs for a child translates as not being important in their family. When these needs are severely neglected, children may feel  depressed and they are not valued. When this happens, their needs and feelings become repressed and they stop showing their feeling to cope with the stress.

Sometimes there are many reasons for child needs have not been met (love & care). It can be of any reason like death of a parent, parents were troubled by hardship, illness, poverty, duties, depression, divorce or or because parents were critical towards children. The atmosphere within the family is likely to be surrounded by depression, guilt, difficulty, duty and burdens.

Due to these difficulties in early life these individuals become mature and self-sufficient at an early age and they develop habit which could be such as self-discipline, restraint, responsible nature and a hard working. However, they suffer from a lack of peace of mind and joy in life. As a result of their early experience, they conclude that having needs is unacceptable and that loving and needing hurt. As adults, these individuals have difficulty believing that anyone could love them.

Due to these problem they develop anxiety and insecurity in relationships and they become very unemotional and unresponsive to love. By doing this they they protect themselves against pain. The challenge represented by Saturn in childhood may be mild or severe. Those with lack of nourishment in childhood may not able to recover in their lifetime.

Saturn is the materialistic planet it preserve and secure life. The sign, house placement and aspect of Saturn show how a child responds to discipline, responsibility and structure in their attitude and any conjunction planet with Saturn show difficulty with that related planet energy.

e.g : Saturn in the 4th house with Mercury and Sun shows that person suffered from lack of confidence due to mother and father attitude. Child feels confident when their parents appreciate them. In this case Saturn in 4th house with Sun. Both mother and father behave in strict way and non appreciation of child makes child introvert, lack of confidence and feel sad all the time. Saturn also with Mercury give speech problem and difficulty in speaking.

Although we cannot always determine how the parents view themselves in relationship to a child, but can gain insights into how the child is likely to view the parents. As a conscious interaction occur between parents and kids more powerful changes can be made in the child life. By doing this, we can begin to bridge the gaps between parents and child.

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