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Only for Women Astrology Report

Your Astrological chart can show many important aspect of your life, understanding astrology will help or guide you to understand yourself better. The role of a women in society is very different than a men. As a woman, you face many challenging situations and experience in life and discovering yourself differently in many areas of life. You see yourself as many faces and play many roles in life. These many experiences of life may enhance and complicate your feeling of satisfaction with yourself and with your life.

We all know that men and women experience life differently. Women are more emotions driven than men. The workings of your psyche, symbolized by your astrological chart are likely to be experienced quite differently because you are woman.

Your astrological chart provides indicators which help to define who you are, strengthening and understanding of your needs on every level. Each chart is different and the combinations of planets influences help to explore the importance you. One thing we must remember when working with astrology, we all have free will to make choices. Chart does not make to do anything.

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Projection of Your Real Self

Mostly women don’t know about themselves. Astrology is the tool which will show them ‘’who you are’’ and according to that you can manage yourself and make your impression in the world. Showing the world who you really are is not easy, and sometimes the world may not respond as you had hoped. It's helpful to take a look at the differences and similarities between the attitudes, impressions and images you project.

Understanding Your Inner Feminine Self

The primary energies associated with your inner feminine self are the Moon and Venus,The Moon is the energy which operate through your mind and represents the connection between the part of you which provides nurturing, support, care and comfort.

Owning Your Inner Masculine Self

For centuries, women were not allowed to assert themselves in the world, and carefully learned the role of supporter of their "men. " know about your masculine self really help in to independent rather dependent on men.

Developing Your intellectual

The energy of Mercury represent intellectual level, communication and learning are lifelong processes. Improving and strengthening communication skills is also part of of life. If you know about Mercury, your will come to know where you lack in intellectual level you can improve that and can better perform in life.

Nurturing and Creating a Home

Nurturing, Mothering these experiences are associated with woman, this energy can be explored by placement of your Moon. Your placement of Moon shows how well you can nurture and care others and what is your deepest need emotionally.

Meeting the World on Your Terms

10th house, gives you several clues about your path in the outside world. Just as importantly, the it signifies your blossoming into wholeness and the manner by which you might best accomplish this experience. Your 10th House also provides information about your career path.

Opening Your Heart

The planetary energies which are most usually associated with love is Venus. Venusian energy operate through heart, it rule the heart chakra, where love resides deep within. Loving is an inner experience. The more you open to the love you hold within yourself, the more it grows. Understating your Venus energy within yourself makes to understand your way of love.

Power Issues Money and Control

Women are seeking to define their place in the world, Gaining influence in the world through career and financial development, you begin to understand the different levels of power Within the family, on a personal level, you can begin to identify much about your own power.

Knowing ourselves helps us to take better decision and helps in growth of life. 

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