Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Remedy (how to fix) relationship and career Astrology and Feng Shui

Now a days many people suffering through bad relationship and have career problems. So how can we fix and bring good relationship or partner and good career in our life.

In astrology love and relationship is ruled by planet Venus. It mean if want to have love and good relationship we need to practice Venus things in our life. Venus represents love, relationship, harmony, peace, diplomacy, beauty and nice pleasant environment. So to attract good Venus we need to develop all these quality in our behavior, if we can develop all these qualities in our behavior we can save from unpleasant things in our life.

Generally people those who are separate or divorced due to some hot argument. Argument is not not the part of relationship. Argument is ruled by the planet Mars, and we don’t want Mars in our relationship. Mars is our fighting ability we need it in area of life where we need  things like fighting with a diseases or enemy. Mars is good in 6th house where we need to fight to with our unpleasant things of life. But if we bring Mars energy in our relationship house it is not good. Relationship want love, beauty, peace, and harmony. So if you want to have good relationship and love develop all these qualities. Keeping environment beautiful and neat help in attract to good partner. Make sure home should be free from unnecessary object and look beautiful. Bedroom setting should be in that way so that it can help in attract good partner. Bedroom should be decorated in a way that you are inviting a partner. Generally when we are alone we have pictures of our friends and family members but you need to attract good partner in your life so there should be picture of nice romantics couples on the walls so that it attract good partner in life. And if you are keeping light lamp it should be 2 in number any single thing emit the vibration to the universe that you are sufficient alone but you are not so it should be double/pair if you want partner in your life. When we are depressed most the time we are ignoring ourselves but if we don't look good and fit we won’t able to attract people. So stay physically fit is the huge thing in attraction. Develop your Venus energy, stay cool in hot argument, think thoroughly, apply diplomacy, be cheerful, happy in little thing and no complaining save you from many relationship problems.

The same thing applies for the career. When we are suffering from bad phase of carrier we get stressed and depressed and when we depressed we become unorganized, lose our structure, cut from social circle etc. Saturn is the planet of career and wealth. It represents patience, structure daily routine, social network and gains. Its mean in stress we are losing all the things which present by the Saturn which is necessary for our career. If we losing our patience, structure and social circle we may not get good opportunity for carrier in our life. So if we want to have good career one need to develop all these qualities, a lazy person cannot be successful in career. To be successful one need to develop Saturn qualities like structured, organized and social. Those people who want to attract good carrier they need to keep their house energy Saturn type means everything should be organized in home, there should be magazines and stuff which are related with carrier so that they can attract good carrier.

There are many mythological stories about how to live life. In Ramayana there is story about lord Rama and his wife Sita. Lord Rama was incarnation of Vishnu he have all the powers but
When Sita was abducted by Ravana he did not use his divine power to bring Sita back. He keept patience, prepare his team to fight with Ravana and bring Sita to his kingdom. Likewise whenever we have hard time in our live we must keep patience and prepare our self to fight with bad time of in life.

In our life there are many aspect which is directly connected with our behavior. If we are ready to fix and understand ourselves we can avoid many unpleasant things in our life.

Life is an evolutionary process when we go through bad time in our life its mean we are growing and evolving. We need to understand about life with love and patience so that we can attract good energy in our life.

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