Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Self-Analysis , Improvement , Assessment, Insight

As we know we humans are complex with opinion, prescription, attitudes and egos. I have tried creating these articles over past couple of years so that we can understand how we deal and react to the surroundings. The biggest challenge for me was to how to represents these conflicts and though in a blog. This may not be perfect, but if someone is trying to look for pointer this is a good starting. I have emphasized on  habits, behavior and to some extent influences on us.  I have 2 .. < 1 minute videos on how i look at interpenetrate Law of attraction and perfection.

I think we need to understand our mind how and why it does things.. It is my effort to understand mind and our behavior through these articles. Any feedback on these articles is appreciated , i will try to incorporate  them in the blog post.

I have been writing articles on self-improvement and understanding for more than 2 years.. I guess I  questioned myself too much J so I have written around 50+ articles. Somehow I was able to weave 38 articles into one post from birth, relationship, love , peace, duty to spirituality. (In some of the post I have Videos from TED.. so it is not all me)

(we all go through ups and downs of life and question ourselves.. sometime we find our own answers and sometime we read what others think)

Law of Attraction
Living in the present, balancing Professional and Spiritual Life

Self Improvement




Saturn (Hard work , Heavy Emotions)


One-on-One with Yourself