Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Simple Remedy of Constipation, Pores, Blackheads, Gray and Falling of Hair

Nowadays life is full of stress. There is hardly anyone who has peace in their mind living their life. People have many problems in their life like loss of job, lack of happiness due to some reason e. g Loss of love, unhappy married life and stressful relationship with relatives. It is very difficult to live in a balance. But when we lose our balance we lose our peace of mind and we loss health. And due to all these things we may feel constipated, not able to take care of skin and due to stress our hair start turning gray growing and falling off.

In fact when we are depressed we feel lack of energy, we don’t like to do many things, everything looks like a hassle. But we need to take care of our self so that we should not get caught in the big health issue. When we suffer from emotional turmoil we don’t want to do anything, but we can do things which are easy and not expensive.

These problems like constipation, pores, blackheads in the skin, graying and falling hair due to our negligence attitude. Means people who are lazy or not able to take care their skin properly they can apply this remedy for all these problems.

We have heard about essential oils but never use them. Some may be using them, if we started using these essential oils in right proportion we can avoid many health problems in our life.

Coconut oil and olive oil have the properties which can relives from all these problems. I used these oils for my dryness of the skin but what i found after using them, that my skin become more soft and supple with time, and my pore of the skin get started to shrink and my blackheads of my skin came out very easily from my face. This is amazing thing i found after using these oils. Even eczema and fungal skin problems also get cured from these oils.

You can also benefited by these oil and get rid of these skin problems and at the same time these oils keeps you younger looking .

Taking one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of olive oil and it takes away many problems at the same time. Mostly we asked people and searched in internet what should i do for all these problems. You can relieved from these problems by simply taking simple step. This is not a big hassle, only one teaspoon of both oil in the day whatever time you like.

For strengthening hair and to keep them black for longer time you need to do two things only. One is take amla/gooseberry capsule and Methi/Fenugreek powder capsule daily. It keeps hair shiny, strong and prevent to graying of the hair. 

These oils also helps in fading stretch marks with time and also make skin tighten and supple.

This is just like wonder, you don't need to give much time to improve your beauty and just taking these oils you become more beautiful and more young.

Constipation problem also get relieved because these oil make movement easy. People who suffer from constipation they can also try this remedy.
Please consult your doctor before taking these oil. This is my personal experience I benefited from this. Thought to share with you all if you want healthy and beautiful skin in less investment and less time with no effort then try this.