Thursday, May 15, 2014

House Influence Career and Money Astrology

Your chart horoscope is the symbolic picture of your conscious and unconscious potential. The house represents areas of life where those needs are most prevalent according to the sign on their cusp. Although each house rules a variety of experience, all activities ruled by each house revolve around one particular goal. 

FIRST HOUSE: 1st HOUSE CUSP OR SIGN describe your personality or identity as you express it to others. The sign on 1st house describes how you become an independent entity through the new experience encountered in your life. it describe how you approach life, how you meet the world. The way you dress for work, the first impression you make on clients and coworkers, how you negotiate, what you’re like in a meeting or job interview, the things you are drawn to, how colleagues see you.

SECOND HOUSE: 2nd HOUSE CUSP OR SIGN describe the nature of your self-esteem and the resources resulting from your productivity. The sign on 2nd house describes your individual needs regarding your survival, and the type of skill you must develop to maintain your life independently. How you budget, what you buy, what you value, your spending habits, how you decorate your workplace, what you prioritize, your ability to stick with one thing, your attention span, how you deal with repetitive tasks, your work habits, the daily environment in which you’ll thrive.

THIRD HOUSE: 3rd HOUSE CUSP OR SIGN describe the environmental necessary for the accumulation of knowledge. It describes the nature of your involvement with your siblings, neighbors, peers, and how you learn through them. Your communication and writing styles, how you sell, what you’re like in meetings, what you’re like as a coworker colleague, how well you team up, what kinds of ideas you come up with, how much knowledge you have about  media or technologies, what you like to read and learn about, your curiosity and intellect.

FOURTH HOUSE: 4th HOUSE CUSP OR SIGN describe how you build emotional foundation and what is needed to do so. The base upon which life is subsequently built. whether or not the 4th house involved in career but it describes personal foundation that must establish in order to stand up to the success, or failure, confronted when compelling in the professional world. What you need to feel secure, how you soothe your-self after a stressful day, the environment you feel most at home in, how empathic you are with coworkers seen by the 4th house.

FIFTH HOUSE: 5th HOUSE CUSP OR SIGN describe the nature of your creativity, showing how you purpose can be expressed through your creative outlets. the 5th house show by sign, how your creative powers manifest through physical activities, thus what you’re outspoken about, what you do for fun after work, self-expression, the personal charisma you leave on projects, where you’re playful, what you might be uninhibited or passionate about, what brings you joy, recreational activities, and risk taking ventures.

SIXTH HOUSE: 6th HOUSE CUSP OR SIGN describe the practical outlet of your daily life. it describes your individuals needs regarding employment as well as other routine daily responsibilities. if discrimination is not develop, no value can be found in your daily routine How organized you are, how you deal with support staff or being in the administrative role, how you handle paperwork and little details, if you’re neat or messy, your problem-solving style, how you are about accepting help, where you can be a perfectionist.

SEVENTH HOUSE: 7th HOUSE CUSP OR SIGN describe the type of relationship providing personal objectivity. It shows how you relate to others and what you need from them to balance life. The sign on 7th house shows quality you attract in others that help you develop a more objective 1st house self-projection. How you collaborate, how you share power, your approach to partnership and teamwork, what’s fair to you and standards of fairness, how you play by the rules, where you discover opportunity to form cooperative relationship and share experience with others.

EIGHTH HOUSE: 8th HOUSE CUSP OR SIGN describe the how you meet life’s changes. it describes the personal qualities that must be generated and expressed for some larger than personal purpose to unfold. it is the house of joint estates, inheritance, tax. How you invest in real estate, financial planning, the assets you’ll own property, legal matters, how you share power, control, psychological issues about money, how you are about debt and loans and other people’s resources (includes tax, credit cards, etc.), passive income, wealth, how you are about research, what you obsess over. it describe how you maintain relationship after regeneration has taken place, spirituality.

NINTH HOUSE: 9th HOUSE CUSP OR SIGN describe the kinds of experience in learning for higher education, travel, religious training and access to foreign thought. what kind of experience you needed to you express enthusiasm, what you’re inspired by, your mind expanding activities, what you’re a visionary about, your selling style, powers of persuasion, where you like to grow and evolve, what you’re open minded or philosophical about, long-distance and international business, mission and vision statements. Here you develop the principle, morals or ethics that stand behind, support your 10th house social reputation.

TENTH HOUSE: 10th HOUSE CUSP OR SIGN describe the nature of your social identity, and the qualities on which your reputation is built. It shows where you need to establish your social place, and discipline. it shows your social identity and your capacity to contribute the society. Your leadership and executive style, how you handle responsibility, how you deal with authority, rank, and administration, structure, long term goals, your planning abilities, career path, what you would go into business for, how competitive you are.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: 11th HOUSE CUSP OR SIGN describe the nature how you maintain your social position by tuning in to the needs of the larger whole and possibilities of the future. iy shows your group activities involvement and the type of people to whom you are drawn when interacting with groups and friends. How you network, where you want to make a difference, what kind of a team player you are, broadcasting, television and radio, how you feel about your coworkers or working in a group, how you collaborate, causes you care about..

TWELFTH HOUSE: 12th HOUSE CUSP OR SIGN describe the nature of your larger life commitments and potential social contribution. It describes what personal attributes need transformed, later to be applied in a manner that benefits others. This is the house of karma a house of obligation and limitations due to past errors in judgment. This is the house of prayer and meditation. it can also shows where you can be deceived, where you can self-torturing, where you’re compassionate, where you make sacrifices for others, what could you drain you, where you’re imaginative, how you manifest, Law of Attraction.

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