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Panch Maha Pursha and Dhan (wealth) Yogas in Astrology

Mahapurusha Yogas “Pancha Mahapurusha” yogas. The yogas are based on position of five planets and the literal meaning of “Pancha Mahapurusha yoga” is “five types of yogas that occur in birth-charts of Great Men” In Vedic Astrology, we find many other yogas in birth chart but with different planetary combinations.

The Maha Purusha or “Great Person Yogas”. The Maha Purusha shows each planet operating at a very high energy or jagrat avastha, either in the sign that they rule or in a exaltation sign which allows for them to act in purest expression of the planet energy. When these Yogas are found in a chart, it is assume that the native will be strongly influenced by their accompanying traits of the mahapurusha yogas. These traits will influence the personality of the native and all areas of life e.g. career, married life and the life course all to be influenced by these Yogas.  The Sun and Moon are not included in the Mahapurusha Yogas.

The Mahapurusha Yogas are:

The planet must be in its own sign or its exaltation sign and in an angle house (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th) of the horoscope. The Mahapurusha Yogas.

1. Mars form Ruchaka Yoga
2. Mercury form Bhadra Yoga
3. Jupiter form Hamsa Yoga
4. Venus form Malavya Yoga
5. Saturn form Sasha Yoga

1. Mars form Ruchaka Yoga: Mars in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn and in an angle from the ascendant.  Ruchaka means “Sharp or Pointed,” like the spear he carries, the highest quality of Mars. The person will be a courageous and daring in nature. The person will be discipline and take right action and seek truth of life. One born in Ruchaka yoga is intelligent, overzealous, radiant and extremely powerful. The person like battlefields and like to win.  He has the signs of Veena (string instrument), Vajra (a type of sword), Dhanush (Bow), Pasha (noose), Chakra (disc) and Vrishabha (bull) signs in his hands etc.

2. Mercury form Bhadra Yoga: Mercury in Gemini or Virgo and in an angle from the ascendant. Bhadra means “blessed or fortunate.” The highest quality of Mercury will be seen here, as the native will be able to clearly discriminate, speak and manage the details that will bring success in life. Of all the Maha Purusha yoga, the Bhadra Yoga is considered the most auspicious. Because of the importance of Mercury as the facilitator in all of life’s affairs. Showing his exclusive nature. The person is have symmetrical body, learned, intelligent and skillful. The person has lustful nature and has marks of Shankha (conch shell), Gada (mace), Shara (arrow), Elephant, Flag and Hala (plough) on his hands and feet etc.

3. Jupiter form Hamsa Yoga: Jupiter in Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer and in an angle from the ascendant. Hamsa means “Swan,” as the swan is a metaphor for Spiritual practice, Hamsa is also a powerful mantra, which means, “I am that.” (The inverse of So-ham) The Hamsa yoga allows for Guru to shine forth from the person, giving a connection to God’s grace and higher wisdom. The native has a voice like that of Hamsa (swan), is fair with elevated nose and beautiful face and possessed of a high level of intelligence and discrimination power between good and bad. Jupiter is karaka for husband in wife horoscope, the lady will get a good husband, on other hand being karaka for children and the person is blessed with good children too. The person is graceful and likes to pursue spiritual life. His palms and feet carry the marks of fish, goad (ankusha), Bow, Conch shell, Lotus, bed (khatvanga) etc.

4. Venus form Malavya Yoga: Venus in Libra, Taurus or Pisces and in an angle from the ascendant. As Venus rules life’s pleasures and our desire to fulfill them. The person with a Malavya Yoga will be keenly aware of what they want to be happy and how much price we all must pay for our happiness. The person with this yoga will pay too high of a price because they are good at compromise for their happiness. but much of life’s suffering results from paying too high of a price to fulfill our desires. This high price leaves us feeling devalued and devaluing others in the process. The person possessed of beautiful lips, a thin waist and is of moon like (splendorous) complexion. The person possessed of beautiful physique. In male horoscope, it represents wife, Venus bless the person with beautiful, skillful and supporting wife. In female horoscope, it blesses her with the beauty and intelligence.

5. Saturn form Sasha Yoga: Saturn in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra and in an angle from the ascendant. Sasha means, “rabbit,” which shows the nature of this native. The
rabbit is the symbol of uncertainty and fear as the native with this powerful Saturn will often be a fear based individual. In response to this fear-based outlook, there will be a very practical nature, one where the many details of life will be brought under control. He knows the weak points of the enemies, is the leader of his army, and is lively. His palms and feet carry the marks of Mala (rosary), Veena (a string instrument), Mridunga (a percussion instrument) and weapons.

Dhana Yogas (Wealth Producing): When the rulers of the second, fifth, ninth or 11th houses occupy any of those houses, or join in any house, wealth can be produced. For example, the second house ruler in the fifth house or the ninth house ruler in the second house or the fifth house ruler in the 11th house or the fifth house ruler in the fifth house, all form Dhana Yogas. Also when these house rulers join in any house or aspect each other, we can expect wealth to be produced.

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