Thursday, May 22, 2014

Transit of Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) in Houses

Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) nodes of the Moon. these are the shadow of the moon which cannot be seen normally but can be seen on eclipse days only. These nodes are not the planets but their effect can be felt in very stronger way. These nodes act as a magnetic field which cannot be seen but we can feel, like magnetic field grabs the iron object. These nodes are karmic forces which bring the issues of the past life to be solved and positives changes can be done with our mental effort for our betterment of the future.T he transits of Rahu Ketu through the houses will also show the areas affected by eclipses at any given time. The axis Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) in Houses work together. The eclipses pinpoint the energy escalation in the axis in the house, both creating crises and giving answers of our life.

Rahu in 1st and Ketu in 7th Houses Transit: 1st house represent identity and body. Rahu gives you interest in materialist affairs. You may feel boost in your self-confidence in dealing with a large number of situations that will be challenging. It could also bring some problems concerning your own identity and your close relations with others. You may focus on yourself too much and leave your partner feeling rejected. The area of vulnerability is your body, identity and relationship, so watch out for being too ambitious or selfish, physical discomfort, and relationship. Relationships will be tested and anything repressed will certainly come out to the surface. If the relationship is not on good terms this will cause a break up, but most solid relationships will go through a testing period that will strengthen the bond through growth together.

Rahu in 2nd and Ketu in 8th Houses Transit: Here Rahu focuses on finances, Ketu on the mysteries of life. Ketu is in the house of death and transformation so you could be making major changes at this time. As these houses are linked to family life, there may be changes in that area. Ketu in the 8th can connect to some negativity from the past so be wary of individuals who are not what they appear. This can be a time of gains of money and losses of family. You will be looking at your financial situation as it deals with inheritances, marriage or divorce. Whatever your predicament financially there will be extremes with gains or losses. There will be a dramatic shift.  if you have been struggling you could have an unexpected opportunity. You can gain money in unexpected way.

Rahu in 3rd and Ketu in 9th Houses Transit: Rahu transits over the area of self-will while Ketu resides in the house of spirituality. There may be real karmic issues with parents and siblings and you need to work out the problems and then let them go. Rahu and Ketu in the 3rd and 9th house will promote more travel. You may get new opportunities and visits new places and that will satisfy your curious mind. Acquiring more connections will promote your business in the future. There is a definite change in your attitude and your involvement with new people. A hunger for higher knowledge keeps you interested in your approach to people, which will change the direction of your life. You will be interested and signing more contracts for business. Business will come from mass communications such as the internet, television, radio, media.

Rahu in 4th and Ketu in 10th Houses Transit: This transit can create in career life as you want inner peace. Ketu in 10th house creates situation where you don’t want to work.  Ketu in the 10th may change your career, perhaps voluntarily working in a more spiritual area. You may choose to work in an environment more suited to you ideologically, giving up some of the financial, but with the end result of a better type of career. You can have a job opportunity or loss that can move you to a different location. You may invest money in real estate and purchase a house or you may sell a home. You will feel pressure to change your place in life, where you live and work. Be patient and don't make dramatic changes during this time because they will not last. The axis is making you more aware of your home, your emotions and your mother and finishing a cycle of karmic life in your work and career. Focus on your inner needs and let go of your outer ones, but careful you may lose your job.

Rahu in 5th and Ketu in 11th Houses Transit: 5th house represents children, romance, and speculative business. Children are a source of trouble and concern.  You must try to avoid getting obsessive over your children as Rahu could heighten your fears unnecessarily about them. This is a time of obsessing over ideas and plans. You seem to go over and over different experiences in your past. Make sure you are aware of their whereabouts and associations. ketu in the 11th gives you Unusual friends and acquaintances will steer you in different directions. Don't let them persuade you into doing things you are not sure about.
you may come up with extraordinary ideas come in flashes of inspiration but beware for there is a fine line with your intelligence. Your life can be transformed by with these new ideas.

Rahu in 6th and Ketu in 12th Houses Transit: 6th house represents, health, conflict, enemy, disease, almost all worldly problems. Rahu and Ketu in the 6th and 12th house can cause great stress to your physical body, conflicts in office, colleague. There may be delays in your transfer or promotions so put restraint. Excessive expenditure may also take place on these worldly issues. A health problem can scare and motivate you into changing your eating habits, which will promote better health in the long run. Those you work with cannot be depended on or trusted. if you are businessman and have employees they seem to quit at the most stressful times. This is an opportunity to change your bad habits and change your life. You may have problems with your maternal side relatives, need to careful.

Rahu in 7th and Ketu in 1st Houses Transit: 7th house is the house of partnership, business deals, and spouse. Transit of Rahu in 7th creates a huge need to experience satisfaction from new relationships. You may look for new relationship which may create problem in your existing relationship. If you are without a partnership, this is one of the transits through which you can be sure of meeting a new love or making a more permanent commitment. Meanwhile Ketu in the 1st house brings out personality problems, focusing on the past life baggage you brought into this life. This is a good time to be honest with yourself, shed some complexes and have a change of psychology. You may be physically or emotionally vulnerable so try not to be too self-critical.

Rahu in 8th and Ketu in 2nd Houses Transit: 8th house represents transformation of life through bad or sad part in life.  Although it can be difficult as it embraces transformation but there is no choice. 8th house is beyond our control. You may go through some tough period of life life separation, divorce, death and etc. This is a time to be disciplined and patience. Rahu may attract people who are negative for you or take you into areas that you are not prepared for. you may go in wrong direction due to stress. Drug addictions are the most extreme experience of this transit. Ketu in the 2nd could bring up financial issues connected to inheritance. You may even want to let go of your finances and give them all away you need to careful, and let it pass this transit.

Rahu in 9th and Ketu in 3rd Houses Transit: 9th house is of opportunities, parents, region and higher learning. Rahu focuses on paternal relationships, philosophies and good luck.  you may travel overseas for higher education and profession. New investments opportunities and profitable ventures are there. Ketu in the house of siblings could activate some karmic issues and bring to the differences carried over from previous lives. Problems may arise from brothers or sisters. The 3rd house also deals with your self-will and the practical side of life. You may suddenly become extremely idealistic and impractical, but remember this is just a transit. These may not be the main issues of your life, so keep it all in perspective. Visits to some religious or a place of spiritual significance will take place.

Rahu in 10th and Ketu in 4th Houses Transit: This is a great transit for your professional success, but not such a hot one for your emotional happiness. Rahu enjoys the 10th house and it will show that you are expressing the karma of this life. Ketu in the 4th house creates a feeling of emotional dissatisfaction particularly if you are over focused on material success and ignoring your home life. You get boost in your career and gain reputation. Those seeking job, promotions foreign postings will get positive results. Help from higher authorities will help you in achieving your goals. This is a transit where you can be extremely successful in professional life yet unhappy due to ketu transiting in 4th creating conflicts with mother and taken away your inner peace..

Rahu in 11th and Ketu in 5th Houses Transit: Rahu likes to challenge or break limits on normalized social networks and goal-achievement. Brings exotic     persons and taboo-breaking marketplace behaviors into the associative network. Rahu in the 11th can give a great boost to your financial situation. But in either sphere try to avoid a feeling of dissatisfaction. You may be achieving great financial success but if you feel you are not achieving enough, you can may take one financial risk too many. You can feel dissatisfied regardless of the amount of money you make. Ketu in the 5th can create issues with children that need to be sorted out. You may feel guilty about your relationship with them, but there’s no use of holding this baggage of past you should let it go and give independence to your children.

Rahu in 12th and Ketu in 6th Houses Transit: 12th is of loss, isolation, meditation, spiritualism, foreign land, confinement etc. Ketu can bring out enemies or detractors from the past life. Deal now with the issues they present rather than ignoring them. Enemies will constantly bother you but you will succeed after a few difficulties. Excessive expenditure may also take place. Undiagnosed health problems may occur.  Excessive expenditure may also take place. Step families are particularly important during this transit. You may not be totally comfortable with them, but you have to deal with them. You may also undertake a journey abroad. You should learn how to get over your problems with your intelligence & abilities.

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