Saturday, May 3, 2014

Transit of Jupiter in Different Houses in Astrology

In astrology Jupiter is play very important role in life. Jupiter control many things in life. Jupiter is wisdom, teacher, expansion, wealth, guru, protection, benevolence, religiousness, belief in something, children generosity, contentment, faith, opportunity and hope. Jupiter stays almost for one year in one sign every year. 

In Astrology Transits is the movement of the planet in the sky in the present. This is the method of prediction of the present events in life. This is most often use for the birth Chart of a particular individual. Astrological transits involve a method of interpreting the ongoing movement of the planets as they transit over the birth chart. The transiting planets are what determine when events will occur in your life. The 1st house is the ascendant. The ascendant sets up all your planets in the houses and events of life.  So what happens when it transit in different houses.

Jupiter transits the 1st house: First house rules body self, identity, and physical body. Jupiter transit in the 1st house shows is time for new beginnings and projects. You filled with hope and optimism. You become generous and creative. You feel more free, cheerful and happy. Your self-esteem and self-confidence is attracting new opportunities. Clarity in vision and future direction gives hope and happiness. Jupiter is expansion and when it transit in ascendant you May prone to weight gain.

Jupiter transits the 2nd house: Second house is family, fixed assets, speech, and wealth. Jupiter in the 2nd house gives financial gain. Jupiter transit in 2nd house gives you to opportunities to acquire more income and expand your business. This is time to double your financial income. Your voice becomes important. It is time to speak your truth. You May get opportunities to speak or give lectures if you are in teaching job.

Jupiter transits the 3rd house: Third house is courage, short distance travel, siblings and relationship with them, media, networking skills, writing and communication. Jupiter in the 3rd house will expand your ability to reach people. You are in a great place to learn and grow with your communicative skills. This is a time to take classes and learning. Be open to opportunities with television, internet or any form of communications, take short trips, build your business.

Jupiter transits the 4th house: Fourth house is mother, home, family life, vehicles, and peace of mind. You May want to expand your assets through gains in real estate, or change in residence. There is a desire for a new home with more room or land. This is the best time to buy new vehicles. Jupiter gives security and protection to the home. You May have opportunity to work from home or a side home business. As the house of inner peace you have a sense of well being and contentment.

Jupiter transits the 5th house: Fifth house is children, fun, creativity, past life karmas, education, speculative business, entertainment business, and intelligence. Transit of Jupiter in expand 5th house stuff. Be open to these expanding opportunities. This is the house of speculation and you will be moved to experiment with new ways to invest and make money. You enjoy your time with children and you May be blessed with a new birth. Your children can achieve awards with great accomplishments.

Jupiter transits the 6th house: Sixth house is dealing with enemies, diseases of the body, everyday work life and relationship with co-workers. So Jupiter here will produce a great deal of work and much energy exerted in the work place. This means you will feel supported by your workforce. This is a great time to apply for a job or new employees. Interest in health and diet promotes good habits.  Jupiter in 6th house motivate you to achieve wealth, you May start new projects encourage you to do and achieve more.

Jupiter transits the 7th house: Seventh house is Marriage, business partnership, fame, the when Jupiter transits 7th house it can bring hope and wisdom in partnership. This partnership makes you feel complete. Support needed financially or emotionally for expansion with business leads to success. Love and respect are given and returned. Relationships are based on unspoken agreements that have a certain amount of expectation. This can represent your Marriage partner, a love relationship or a business partnership.

Jupiter transits the 8th house: Eighth house is money of others, loans, business, mystical world such as astrology, and magic.  It is the house of inheritances, insurance policies, and money from Marriage either through property or divorce, unearned money. You May receive money through legacies or inheritances. Your finances and bank account will increase. Unusual experiences provoke you to explore meaning of life. Your psychic power May increase.

Jupiter transits the 9th house: Ninth house is religion, fortune, long distance travel and high education. Jupiter in the 9th house promotes prosperity and luck. You will be traveling to foreign countries to spread inspiration and information. It is time to get involved in helping others and being a philanthropist. Marketing May involve publications or communications engagements. Spiritual information gives inner confidence that leads to success.

Jupiter transits the 10th house: Tenth house is respect, reputation, career, work and community, boss or superiors. Jupiter in this position can lead to career advancement and recognition you receive through your work. Jupiter transit through this house will open possibilities for promotion and advancement. If you have your own business can be flourish and you will be very prosperous. You will gain honor and May received some award.

Jupiter transits the 11th house: Eleventh house is gains of all kinds, hopes, wishes, power to achieve desired goal, and source of income. Jupiter in the 11th house of great gains brings good amount of money from your career.  You will increase your social circle and meet new influential people and get opportunity to make money. Wealth and money can manifest out of deals you have made with associates and friends. Important and powerful people will assist you during this time.

Jupiter transits the 12th house: Twelfth house is mystery, hidden talent, foreign country losses. This can be a joyful time of retirement and sending off on a well deserved vacation or journey abroad. Sometimes it can represent businesses associated with trade and foreign countries. It is a time to prepare for some spiritual, meditation and spending time in ashrams. Good time for introspection and learning about mystery of life.

These are the general effect of Jupiter transit in houses.