Monday, May 19, 2014

Politics Good Leader in Astrology

Good leadership in astrology.
Anyone will try to get vote but only very few will be come a good leader.
Vote for me…. .
I am the best candidate…. . .
I am only your hope…. . .
I will fix the economy……. . .
Country first, I serve my mother land and people of my country….

These are the words of candidate who are fighting for seat for leadership. Right?
Can astrology predict which birth chart has the characteristics to become a good leader?

The answer is Yes. Astrology can give clues and ideas of a birth chart that might produce a good leader. Here are some clues and placement of planetary position in sign and house that a good leader probably have.

Ascendant Sign: Come first when we look for the personality of the person. How other people see your personality. Anyone can think of you as whatever they want to think but your inner personality is attached with you, you know yourself better than any outsider. Therefore any of the 12 sign when in a good placement can make a good leader.  

Moon Sign: Moon represents mood, conscious, feeling, psychic abilities, and intuition. There are three good placements for Moon sign.

Moon in Cancer, sign is nurturing, and they know about others people's feelings.

Moon in Pisces, sign have good psychic ability and know what will happen next. They are good at planning for chaos and disaster before it happen.

Moon in Capricorn, sign good at risk management and they will not waste things like money natural resource and time.  These three are the good Moon Sign for good Leadership.

Mars Sign: Mars is the planet of war, passion, physical, energy, and anger. Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio sign. Mars in Aries is not good placement in birth chart for good leader because of the anger and passion for war and conflicts is too intense in the sign. Libra is only diplomatic sign that can always see other side of the story and slow down the anger before they attack. Mars in Libra is a good placement for conflicts resolution and also to avoid wars and conflict with other countries. Mars in Libra is the best placement to be a Good Leader.

Mercury Sign: Mercury is the planet of speech, ideas, thoughts, complex thinking ability, logic, intelligence and intellectual. A Good leader should have positive ideas and ability to think logically. Mercury in the Aquarius is the best ideal placement for good leader. There are two other sign that work out, and these are Mercury in Virgo and Gemini. Mercury in Gemini and in Virgo has very quick thinking ability and has ability to find solutions of any problem.

Venus Sign: Venus is associated with love life and romance of a person’s life. Love is very basic thing of life so each sign has its own way of finding love and falling in love.  Therefore any placement of sign works out because love is personal matter.

Jupiter Sign: Growth, Jupiter is the planet of hope and optimism which brings good luck, fortune, and progress in financial. The ideal placement is Sagittarius sign which does not happen often. It takes about 12 years to this placement to reoccur. However there are other sign for Jupiter which makes good leader and these are Jupiter in sign of Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Scorpio and Pisces is more of spiritual leader.

Sun Sign: This is the most important position in the birth chart. Sun is the leader, politics, power, charisma. It is the natural sign of leadership. The sign Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Virgo in the zodiac wheel are focus more on self-improvement. Sun in Leo and in Aries Sign is very powerful related with power and politics but these sign are more individualistic and self-centered when it comes to good leader quality. We are talking about good leader. A good leader should be humble and care for others. For the good leadership these sign are not good.

The last two signs Aquarius and Pisces are good, because they care for others better than the above sign. When choosing a good leader, that person should care for society rather than personal goals. Sun in Aquarius and Pisces are the best placement for benefit of general humankind.

Saturn sign: Saturn in Capricorn, Aquarius, and Libra are good placement for good leadership.

These are the sign placement of a planets for good leader, but to be leader it depend on the placement of the planets in the houses. If these planet makes ragayogas and mahapurusha yoga then a person can be a leader of a country.  

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