Saturday, May 3, 2014

Transits of Planets in Seventh House Astrology

In Astrology Transits is the movement of the planet in the sky in the present. This is the method of prediction of the present events in life. This is most often use for the birth Chart of a particular individual. Astrological transits involve a method of interpreting the ongoing movement of the planets as they transit over the birth chart. The transiting planets are what determine when events will occur in your life. The 1st house is the ascendant. The ascendant sets up all your planets in the houses and events of life.

Transit of Sun in the 7th House: Sun is the soul, ego, power, authority and creativity. You tend to form closer relationships to with dynamic authoritative individuals. 7th house of partnership and spouse, you May have more dealings with a romantic or business partner, or you May deal with others closely as a team. You May be more involved in legal affairs. It's also a good time for public relations, Marketing, and sales. You are more focus on relationships with spouse and other people. You feel better when you’re with someone and with your partner. As Sun is mild malefic purify energy, transiting of Sun in 7th house could lead to some power struggle with spouse and other people.

Transit of Moon in the 7th House: Moon is emotions, and intuitions. Moon want to happy all the time. Moon is love sick. When Moon is transiting in your 7th house you need emotional contact with others and with partner. You become more social and try to mingle with people.  You can be concerned with partnership issues. It could be an important day for sales or deals. Your relationships are intertwined with your feelings, and you become more emotional to expressing your feelings with a partner, and this can lead to a better understanding of those relationships. Your behavior around others and with your partner is pleasant, caring, and nurturing. You feel and want to give more love to you partner.

Transit of Mars in the 7th House: Mars transiting your 7th house good time for making contacts. You’re driven to commit and compromise. You feel more energetic and strong. You want to have more commitment in your life, through your personal and business relationships, and with the projects and appointments you commit yourself to. You find a way to compromise quickly so it doesn’t drag on for too long. You can also strive to more individualistic and at the same time balance and harmony in your relationship. Mars transiting in the 7th house makes you more sexual and you want some activity with your partners.

Transit of Mercury in the 7th House: You like to communication, more with spouse and business partners during this period. You can communicate best with the people that you’re closest to or in one-on-one settings. You’re better at negotiating, mediating, and compromising now, so this is a good period for dealing with contracts and disputes. You can win people over with your good communicative skill. You May develop closer associations with intellectual or scholarly individuals, and tend to be more interested in knowing people and gossiping with them.

Transit of Jupiter in the 7th House: Jupiter transiting makes relationships and partnerships easier. In fact, this is a good time to be extra cautious about entering into any sort of partnership because, in the area of our life where Jupiter is transiting, we tend to be overoptimistic. And, as always with Jupiter transits, we can feel so good that we let things drift. As a result, we don’t get anything done. If you are in a contact business, like sales, this can be a very good transit. Jupiter moving through the 7th House will tend to bring you better prospects and more business.

Transit of Venus in the 7th House Venus: Venus is Pleasure, it makes things easier.
You tend to be more outgoing and sociable during this period. Favorable for public relations and establishing new partnerships. Increased mutual consideration and kindness in Marital and other personal relationships. You desire being love with someone, and can make a commitment with someone more easily than usual. You May be introduced to a potential mate through someone you’re close to. This can be a good time to for a new partnership, personal or business, and work out negotiations and compromises.

Transit of Saturn in the 7th House Saturn: This is the house of Marriage and partnership. Saturn can give stress and breakup in relationship. Never put Decisions off during a Saturn transit. Do not just let things happen. On the positive side, you will tend to be more concerned with career and “external” matters, less concerned with purely personal and “internal” things. You May be facing more opposition at this time. 7th House rules open enemies. One reason Marriages are under greater stress when Saturn goes through this house is that the partner becomes envious of your success.

Rahu (north node) and Ketu (south node) transits in the 1st and 7th Houses: Rahu and Ketu are in the 1st and 7th houses issues in relationships. Relationships will be tested and anything repressed will most certainly surface. If the relationship is not on good terms this will cause a break up, but most solid relationships will go through a testing period that will strengthen the bond through growth together.

Transit of Uranus in the 7th House: It’s not a good idea to get married during this transit, especially if it’s going love at first sight things. What Uranus brings together suddenly, it usually breaks apart just as quickly. The same goes for business partnerships. We frequently seem to attract people symbolized by the planets that are transiting our 7th House. In the case of Uranus, these people will be independent and eccentric. You can experience change in your close relationships. Your partners can become unreliable, or you become unpredictable.

Transit of Neptune in the 7th House: when Neptune transit in 7th house it’s Not a good idea to Marry someone in order to help them. Prospective partners, both business and Marriage, tend to look better than they really are. You can struggle with your committed relationships and with business partners. You can be attracted to people that you think are amazing, but end up hurting you.

Transit of Pluto in the 7th House: Be careful of entering into any partnership when Pluto transits your 7th House. On the negative side, Pluto rules power struggles and underhanded behavior. No, this does not mean that every partner is going to turn on you or that every person you interact with is going to try to do you in. But there is a tendency for things like that to happen during this transit. Make an extra effort to keep communications with partners open. Resentments Tend to be unexpressed at this time.

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