Friday, May 9, 2014

Debilitated Sun For Each Ascendant Astrology

In astrology Sun is the the ultimate power. Without Sun nothing can exist. If Sun dies we all dies. There is no light without Sun. The whole universe illuminate due to Sunlight. Sun is Shiva Shakti for which we are looking for. We all have Sun within ourselves therefore we all want to shine. Sun is the father, power, authority, soul, confidence, and health, vitality, and career.  Sun purify the impurities of self by burning the conscious. What if Sun has no power or debilitated in your chart. What kind of problem you face in your life. In general debilitated Sun makes person dominating, problem with power and lack in confidence, face problem in relationship with father.  So what are the effect of debilitated Sun for different ascendant. 

Effect of Debilitated Sun for Different Ascendent

Aries Ascendant: Sun debilitated in 7th house and it rule 5th house. 5th is Dharmic house represents past life credits, children and intelligence. For Aries rising Sun debilitation makes weak in dealing in relationship with others in general, particular in long term relationship. Relationship makes their intelligence, independent and creative nature vulnerable and they compromise which hard for them. They must learn to balance their creative needs with those of partner in order for the soul to growth.

Taurus Ascendant: Sun debilitated in 6th house and it rule 4th house. 4th house represents home and inner peace. For Taurus rising Sun debilitation shows discord in family which leads to emotional turmoil and they are unable to face it. Sun debilitation in 6th house shows many argument, domestic problems, and stress due to their stubborn nature. They are unable to compromise due to their emotions. They are weak to change which is due to their own unnecessary emotional weakness. They must learn to let go situations and introspect in order to thier soul growth.

Gemini Ascendant: Sun debilitated in 5th house and it rule 3rd house. 3rd house represent self-interest, courage and siblings. For Gemini rising Sun debilitation harms their overall growth, creativity, children and Dharma by pursuing too many things in a self-interested way. They lack enthusiasm and weak in vitality. They have weak health nervous system and they easily stressed out due to dealing with siblings, neighbors and relatives. They suffer in their studies due to their unnecessary stimulating interest. They must learn to focus on their studies and spirituality and children for their soul growth.

Cancer Ascendant: Sun debilitated in 4th house and it rule 2nd house. 2nd house represent face, food, value system and wealth. For Cancer rising Sun debilitation makes them detriment to their values and self-esteem when their life course and motivations are too subjective to change. Sun debilitation in 4th house makes these people to find emotional peace through their possession and values. The security they are looking is collapse in their own fears, insecurity and in crippling emotions. They must learn to not too possessive for their things and to share their natural sensitivity and strength with others to grow in life.

Leo Ascendant: Sun debilitated in 3rd house and it rule 1st house (Ascendant). 1st house is dharmic house and represent identity and overall general health. For Leo rising Sun debilitation shows their over dominating, pushy, and egocentric nature on others in self-willed way. They feel weak in front of others and to overcome this weakness they try to manage in harsh way. Sub debilitated in 3rd house also ruin their relationship with siblings, peers, and neighbors. They lack in vitality and when they behave in a tyrant way. They must learn to be generous and protective towards others in order to their soul growth.

Virgo Ascendant: Sun debilitated in 2nd house and it rule 12th house. 12th is house represent isolation, subconscious mind, dreams, sleep, loss and liberation from life. For Virgo rising Sun debilitation their wealth, self-esteem and value system. Due to their materialistic nature they are unable to thrive in isolation instead they try to over materialize their lives and looking for external values which they lack within them. They face many up and down and expense due to their lack in wisdom of life. They must learn to live in isolation and introspection and should try look beyond materialistic life.

Libra Ascendant: Sun debilitated in 1st house (ascendant) and it rule 11th house. 11th house represent hopes, wishes, social circle and gains. For Libra rising Sun debilitation shows lack in personal power due to giving too much importance to opinions of masses and others in general. They prefer to lose themselves in their relationship to others rather than alone. Losing their identity for others to make happy create issues in their health. They need to understand that it is very tough to make everyone happy. They must learn to balanced and should make healthy relationship with people so that they can be peaceful and grow in their life.  

Scorpio Ascendant: Sun debilitated in 12th house and it rule 10th house. 10th house represent career and reputation in life. For Scorpio rising Sun debilitation makes them lazy due to which they face up and down at career place. Sun loses his power in 12th house.
Sun as a natural significator of vitality and confidence, these people lose their vitality due too much activity in materialistic pleasure and they lost their confidence very easily. Due to their up and down in career field they try to escape in low level worldly power to overcome their   Worse situation. They must learn to active and not indulge in too much activity of pleasure and must fight in career so that they can do well.

Sagittarius Ascendant: Sun debilitated in 11th house and it rule 9th house. 9th house represents fortune, higher wisdom and long distance traveling. For Sagittarius rising Sun debilitation detriment their spiritual life when guided by the dogmatic belief of the masses of spirituality which leads these people further from the deeper truth they are seeking. They must learn to believe their own higher wisdom is to seek the truth with in their mind, through inquiry and discrimination not outside through the masses. They must careful not to mix the approval others in their own belief system.  

Capricorn Ascendant: Sun debilitated in 10th house and it rule 8th house. 8th house represents secrets, investigation, others money, sudden up and down in life. For Capricorn Rising Sun debilitation not granted them transformation they seek. The more they feel responsible for their actions the more they will be overtaken by fear of unknown. A weak Sun will deny the breaks and changes that would force these people to examine their fear based controlling behavior. These people are aware of the power of action and the transformation from which they want to escape. They must learn to transform and have positive mind set in changes which life brings to them.

Aquarius Ascendant: Sun debilitated in 9th house and it rule 7th house. 7th house represents spouse and other people. For Aquarius rising Sun debilitation makes them too much depended on their partners. They rely too much on partners to be guru. They must learn that real guru is within themselves. They should not diffuse themselves into partners and others. They must learn about to look bigger picture of life and try to understand that not partners is not everything. They should not too much in relationship but try to seek truth of life and live gracefully.   

Pisces Ascendant: Sun debilitated in 8th house and it rule 6th house. 6th house represents unpleasant things in life from which you don’t want to deal. Debt, conflict, enemy, sickness etc. For Pisces rising Sun debilitation shows the chaos and turmoil when they are not able to handle every day, practical work that can improve their lives. Being the mercy of tides of life makes them sick. The debilitation of Sun in 8th house for the 6th house makes their life more miserable. They must learn to act with discrimination and care so that they can avoid mess of the life.  

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