Saturday, May 10, 2014

Muhurtha (Choosing an Auspicious Time/Nakshatra) Astrology

In Hindu mythology the Nakshatras is wives of Chandra, The Moon God. The Wives are the "shakti" or power of the Moon. The Muhurta or choosing auspicious time for specific activities we look for the Moon Nakshatra. The Moon Nakshatras in some broad groups that characterize their nature. A Nakshatra or Lunar Mansion is one of the 27 or 28 divisions of the sky, identified by the prominent stars in them, that the Moon passes through during its monthly cycle. Each group is favorable for certain types of events, and these events give you a fairly good picture of the quality of that group. Some of the activities and works which are associated with the Nakshatras are more productive according to their basic nature of Nakshatra. The Moon should be waxing or moving towards a full Moon if possible. The following is a listing of the Nakshatra in relation with their qualities and the daily life events which are harmonious under their influence. 

The Fixed (Sthira) Constellations are Rohini, Uttara Bhadrapada, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttara Ashada. These constellation are good for building home, village, temple, entering in new house,city, temple, religious works, rites for getting peace, propitiation of portents, Vinayaka Shanti, coronation, sowing of seeds, planting of small garden, starting of vocal music, friendship, sexual works, making and wearing of ornaments and clothes May be auspiciously begun or effectively performed. The emphasis here is towards permanence stability and structure.

The Mridu (soft, mild or tender) Constellations are Mrigashirsha, Chitra, Anuradha and Revati. These constellation are good for Starting and learning singing of songs, dance, drama, and performing auspicious activities like Marriage.  They are also good in buying and wearing new and making clothes and jewellery. Love making and romance flows under these constellations. These are good for making new friends, female company, enjoyments, of pleasure that are healing and revitalising.  

The Laghu or Kshipra ( light and swift) Constellations are Hasta, Abhijit, Pushya, and Ashvani. These constellation are good for Selling, medical knowledge, using and handling of medicines, literature-music-art, The arts like sculpture, jewellery making and wearing. They are beneficial for will making, trade, sports, education, Decorations or making ornaments, fine arts, medical treatment, journey and the like taking or giving loan etc. 

The Mixed (Tender-Dreadful) Constellations are Vishakha and Krittika. These Nakshatra are good for Fireworks, burning of sacred fire (Agni Hotra), fearsome works, arresting, adulteration (mixing), donation of something to get one’s desires fulfilled.

The Chara (moveable or ephemeral) Constellations are Shravana, Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, Punarvasu and Swati. These constellations are beneficial for buying automobiles and other vehicles, for going on procession, and landscaping (gardening). Changes of residence or career, travel, and other major life changes can more easily occur under their influence and support.

The Ugra (Fierce) Constellations are Magha, Bharni, Purva Phalguni, Purva Shada, and Purva Bhadra. These are constellation related to destructive deeds. Like burning, making and using weapons especially related to fire, cheating, Deception, wickedness, craftiness, cutting and destroying, controlling of animals, beating and punishing of enemy. They are to be used with success in ruining enemies.

The Dreadful (Sharp) Constellations are Jyeshta, Ardra, Ashlesha, and Moola. These constellation are beneficial for Separation of friends and filing for divorce. Powerful and bold activities can occur under these influence. Casting charm or spell causing disease or death, hypnotism, witchcraft, ghost, horror, capture, matters related to secrecy, backbiting, and starting of quarrel.

The constellation of Pushya the 8th Nakshatra is the most favorable of all the Nakshatra. Pushya has the power to overcome negative forces and assert its benefic nature. Despite of all its positive influence Pushya still considered inauspicious for Marriage ceremony.