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Divisional Charts (Harmonic Charts) in Astrology

In Vedic astrology, divisional chart is the unique feature. Divisional charts are used to indicate specific themes in a person's life. Divisional charts are also called Varga charts, Amsha charts, sub-charts, D-charts, harmonics charts. Divisional charts are charts that are created by dividing each sign into a number of sections, and then assigning a sign to each slice, and then placing planets into a new chart based upon which sign they occupy in the section.  Interpretation of the divisional charts is the same as we use the methods for evaluating D1 or birth charts.

1. The Rasi Chart  D1 not divided, indicate  physique, behavior, all the basic indication of 1st house.

2. The Hora Chart D2 indicates wealth and money matters.

3. The Drekkana D3 is the second most important divisional chart. It indicate siblings, courage, personal interest and general happiness.

4. The Chaturamsha D4 also called Turyamsa or padamsa, indicates emotions, fixed assets, inner peace, residence, property owned and fortune in general. It also used to assessing the buying and selling of major assets like a home and big investments etc.

5. The Panchamsa chart or D5 indicates shows the inner spiritual nature and ethics.

6. The Shashtamsa chart or D6 indicates health issues specifically, more than other divisional charts.

7. The Sapthamsa chart or D7 indicates matters with one’s children, and family dynasty,

8. The Ashtamsa chart or D8 indicates sudden and unexpected experiences, troubles, major challenges and crises in a person's life, including the deaths of those close to them.

9.  The Navamsha D9 chart, I
t is the Most Commonly Used Divisional Charts. Tt has many uses. It is most often used to indicate the spiritual mission with one's partner ( whether your partner support or not in your goal of life ) and their relationship with them. It also shows marriage and all matters related to one’s spouse).

10.The Dasamsa  chart or D10 shows career, work and achievements of the person in the society, accomplishments, and income through effort.

11.The Ekadasamsha charts D11 used to assess the flow of income in a person's life.

12. The Dwadasamsa chart or D12 shows everything related to parents. Look for sun for the father and moon for the mother.

13. The Shodasamsa chart or D16 also known as Kalamasa, indicates benefits and discomforts from vehicles.

14.The Vimsamsa chart or D20 indicates progress of the person and his/her spiritual growth.

15. The Chaturvimsamsa chart of D24 also called Siddhamsa, indicates learning, knowledge and achievement gain through education of a person.

16.The Nakshatramsa chart or D27 also called Saptimvimsamsa, or Bhamsa  indicates strengths and weaknesses endurance.

17. The Trimsamsa chart or D30 shows unfavorable effects in life, punishments, misfortunate and diseases etc.

18. The Khavedamsa chart or D40 also called Chatvarimshamsa, indicates auspicious and inauspicious effects in general etc

19. The Akshavedamsa chart or D45 indicates quality of character and integrity.

20. The Shashtiamsa chart or D60 indicates all general indication very fine tuning required.

To tracing divisional charts, time should be accurate. If time is not correct there could be chances of wrong divisional charts, So it is important to give more weight to Rashi D1 chart.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Saturn Transit 2014 in Scorpio Astrology

Saturn transit into Scorpio on early November 2014 and it will stay there at for two and half years. Saturn is the planet of time and awareness. it rule over death and rebirth and is the karaka of eight house. Scorpio sign relate to more about deeper psychological and emotional stress, fear, worry and regeneration, and going deep into things, and transformation. Scorpio rules the intimate merging of two people, and assets of partner. Scorpio rules the people who you share your money and possessions with, but also the people and groups that manage our assets like Banks, loaning institutions, creditors, tax agencies, the government since they regulate taxes. So transit of Saturn in Scorpio automatically focused on these issues of Scorpio. So Saturn in Scorpio there is a lot of Scorpio issues will be visible. Transits of Saturn in Scorpio trigger the Scorpio themes in our psyches. Issues of sex, intimacy, bonding will arise to the forefront, both in our personal lives, and as well as in the world. We will see headlines reflecting people's intimate lives, innovations in sexual health and wellness.

Saturn takes years 29 years and 7 months to travel the entire zodiac. It is enough time for us to be taught wonderful lesson of Saturn. Saturn is tough, loss and teaches you, what you need to learn whether it be easier or tough. Saturn's rings are never easy, it demand discipline, maturity and growth and evolution. That is why it is recommended, for those people who have Saturn in 7th house should wait until 30 years of age so that they become mature enough about relationship and able to handle the pressure of relationship. When Saturn moving into Scorpio which is transformative and evolutionary sign. Scorpio is very powerful energy, Saturn will broad brush about issues surrounding married life, and collectively redefines what partnership. Scorpio has to do with the merging completely with another person, both factually and by combining your resources, Saturn will demand you combine all your resources.

Scorpio is the powerhouse of the zodiac. The most powerful energy in the whole world is sexual energy. It is the power to create, to produce, to regenerate, to evolve, to die and be reborn are the Scorpio energy. We may find cures for those elements, we may hear more talks about STD Prevention, Safe Sex, and issues about sexual education. The conversations about sex and intimacy have to rise when Saturn will transit in Scorpio. .

We need to look at collectively and what's acceptable and where our expectations with collectively and individually. Where our expectations of our partner or with other person merging both sexually and financial. Also need to step into our psyche in the next few years on an individual level. Saturn in Libra brought a lot of meeting halfway relationships on and brought a lot of tests to the foundations of relationships and those that were found needs unique either crumbled and you have falling out with certain people. Thinking straight and you figured out what it was that to do in order to keep your relationship. You need to be very mature and face reality is that Saturn is in Scorpio. So whatever you hiding away from living in a fantasy world, Saturn has you face you the reality. Saturn in Scorpio wants to connect deeper in all in relationships and to put more time and energy independently to care for them. There will be a focus on intimate relationship dynamic and indeed connection. Saturn is never easy but in the end it give.

On negative side where there is Saturn interacts with your planets it will bring limitations, fears, self-doubt and you keep getting blocked. On a positive side, Saturn Always Increase self-worth, create opportunities to learn, to draw boundaries for what we think is acceptable and what is not. On Saturn brief lessons of patients because it takes so long to go around, you will be very patient with time. You can find a new way, you can grow, you can have ability to create new structure for yourself and Saturn ultimately wants you to do it. So there are a lot of opportunities for growth with the Saturn transits in Scorpio 2014.

If you have planets in Scorpio you will receive lot of lessons from Saturn and you would be feeling a lot more deeply. You may feel blocked and have self-doubt for in finding a way around it. But you will find a way to push through and be reborn with Scorpio energy of transformation. But even if the house is empty and don't have planets in Scorpio your chart, see where Scorpio in your chart and that's where you find the lessons of limitations of Saturn. It also went back the opportunity to grow and find a new way around, a new way of doing things, and new way of building your structure.

e. g. If Scorpio on the cusp of your fourth house, you may have issues with your home. It can be a problem with your landlord, be a problem with your house, you need to make a change. If it is in your seventh house transformation in your partnerships, if it in your career house there will be change in your career. if it is your 12th house it can have time to go and spend a little bit more quiet time with yourself.

Saturn in Scorpio is an opportunity to confront our fears and not be attached. We have to find new ways around to rebuild that structure and probably more on body, mind, spirit developments field and meditation. Transform yourself, reborn, help each other in difficult times, elevate other people in the world so that we can reconstruct or rebuild the old messy structure.

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MidLife Crisis Vedic Astrology

Mid Life Crisis... Not everyone goes through it ..Have you seen what happens to people who are going through mid life crisis.

In other people words they start doing crazy and acting weird.  They start doing things that they never did before. They want to look young. They want to be active and have just do it kind of attitude. Some people may go through different emotions and expressions.

At a high level people realize that they have not lived as they wanted to .. or they were driven by fear and didn't want to take risk. Some realize that they deserve better or can do better in life. They wanted to buy a car but didn't buy.. they want to buy it now as they realize that life is short.

I think there is a astrological explanation for it. We consider 9 heavenly bodies for analysis.
If anyone of them are not favorably placed they cause imbalance in life. Every planet has a time cycle on which they release us from their bad effect/matures us in the area of life.

So in essence if we understand the energies that influences our life and overcome their bad effects.. we don't need to realize late in life that we have missed out on some of the things in life or deal with Mid life crisis.

Following are the years when the planets matures

Sun: 21-22 years
Moon: 23-24 years
Mars: 27-28 years
Mercury: 31-32 years
Jupiter: 23-24 years
Venus: 24-25 years
Saturn: 35-36 years.
Rahu/Ketu 42 to 46 years 

Rahu and Ketu works at the subconscious level so they are the most important, complicated to understand and they take most time to mature.  Rahu is obsession in current life which causes imbalance. Where as Ketu is something we are withdrawn from. 

Midlife Crisis Meaning Astrology: 

If we have a obsession and are being withdrawn can causes imbalance in life. At the time of their maturity we realign our life to be all inclusive. If we do it sooner then we don't need to go through Mid Life crisis from anywhere between 35 till 50 years of age.

Midlife crisis age (Men midlife crisis /Women midlife crisis)

Midlife crisis age is from 42 to 46 it can vary for some it could start as early 35 and end as late as 50.  If we are living a balanced life we may not see any different in these age. If not then it is about realigning our-self to be happy. This is a critical age, if we take drastic actions without understanding it's implications we could end up worst than better through these years.

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