Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rahu (North Node) in 6th and Ketu (South Node) in 12th House Axis Astrology

Rahu and Ketu are the soul purpose of life. Rahu is future and Ketu is past. Rahu shows what we want, it is obsession over those thing where it sits and Ketu is our past mind conditioning, it shows where we already dealt with and we don’t want it. Rahu and Ketu axis shows that in what area person is immature and need to be matured and in what area person is matured. Where Rahu and Ketu axis fall in the birth chart that area is most spiritual growth for the native in its life. Rahu and Ketu are the point where Sun (soul), Moon (mind), and earth (body) intersect in the sky. This point is very powerful, it forced to think about who we are and what is life about. Rahu and Ketu are the force which connect us with the divine power.

6th house: is the house of service, hard work, unpleasant things in life which we don’t like. It is the house of things in life which are most uncomfortable but have to deal with like enemy, disease, court, and litigation etc.

12th house: is the house of surrender, loss, isolation, prison, hospital, and spiritual practice etc.


 Rahu (North Node) in 6th house and Ketu (South Node) in 12th house axis fall in sixth house means the native is obsessed for hard work and withdrawn from surrender. In their childhood or in their past lives these people kept away from duties of the daily work due to some reason like spiritual practice or any other reason which written above. This is actually constructive placement, these people are obsessed towards hard work and focused on life problem because 6th house is the house of work life and there is conditioning around their mind that they may lose something therefore they have fear and stress around that and they don’t want to do any mistake. These people are very practical in their approach of life. It is a placement of work and learning to improve through our own efforts. 6th house rules obstacles and worries in life, Rahu in 6th house give strength to deal with. Here Rahu is teaching to confront situations and resolve problems. But due to stress and worry in life these people suffer from health issues.

Ketu is the indicator that 12th house is about letting go and surrender. The native feels emotionally difficult because of painful experience of 12th house they literally withdraw from the world. Ketu in 12th makes you easy to connect with higher metaphysical plane of the life they can do meditation and can look at higher knowledge of the life (spiritualism).

Rahu (North Node) in Virgo and ketu (South Node) in Pisces sign axis:

Rahu in Virgo sign: Rahu in Virgo people know how to discriminate, have practical sense, organized, and skillful. These people need to be careful not to be picky, critical, Judgmental, perfectionist and obsessive compulsive about things.

Ketu in Pisces sign: these people are dreamy, visionary, being Spiritual, they are committed to themselves, very intuitive and mystical. But they need to be careful not to be Drifter, unreal or Illusory or cloudy delusional kind of thinking.

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