Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dealing with Confused, Unsure, Insecure People

I have been writing articles which are focused on Self Analysis and self improvement. This article is focused on the other people that we are dealing with. I think it should always our effort to minimize number of variables on our side, but there are some factors on the other side that needs to be considered as well. We cannot spend all our energy just trying to fit into a mold and make it work out.. there will always be some situations, scenario's or people where it is not worth the effort ... save ourselves the energy and be happy.

Following is a short list of categories, there could be more, but will be a good starting point..
Confused People: When we engage with people who are confused they have no idea what is going on.. When we deal with confused people they will further slow you down as they don't know what is going on.. if they are not willing to listen then how is it possible to have a relationship or work with them.
Unsure/ Undecided People: These people are undecided in what to do  for what ever reason.. they cannot think rationally about it. If you are dealing with these kind of people who cannot decide things in life.. do you think there life will turn out to be good.. may be may be not.. If you end up having relationships with these kind of people what will happen? If two of you cannot decide anything then how will things work out..

Insecure People: These are people who are insecure . Insecurity in them make them think differently even when it is not required. Insecure people will always think that you are taking advantage of them even when you are not.. How can you work out a relationship when the other person is always thinking that you are taking advantage of them and will always distrust you..

Negative People: When ever we have a conversation they are always on the other side .. they may be practical people trying to be a devils advocate or someone who is by nature negative in their outlook towards life. It is for us to decide if the person is practical or being devils advocate.. if we cannot for our own good then we need to stay away from these people as they will not let us do better in life as they are down and will pull us down as well. 

Argumentative People: Well what can I say about it .. if you see people who often get into arguments then you better avoid both the person.. One could be the wrong kind of person and one could be not smart enough to avoid the argument.. In both the cases we should avoid these kind of people as we are trying to make our life better not argue without any outcome or better things in life.

Absolute Believer in Fate: For these people whatever they do it is in fate and fate will happen anyways so why resist it.. would you want to be with a person who say everything is a fate, no freewill.. than to find solution to our present problems and issues.

Lack of Articulations: These are people with bad vocabulary and expression..for them the word you say means very different than what you want to convey. Avoid these kinda people as things will get lost in translation , but if you have patience then you can explain yourself in detail and put an effort to understand what they are saying. In the end you may find it easy to work with a person who can understand your vocabulary and expressions. (Not knowing common language is different than the vocabulary in my point of view)

Complicated in Dealing: These are people for them even a trivial thing is a big deal and too complicated. You will end up spending lot of time doing small things, you will not have time to do the other things that can make your life better. Avoid these people or be ready to spend lot of time getting things done.

If we are any of the above we probably are already facing difficulties dealing with other people. If Yes, then we need to figure out how we change ourselves for better and live a happy life and when we find a person with these qualities we need to be cautious in dealing with them as they can make our mind uneasy and induce uncertainty.
Dealing with Confused, Unsure, Insecure People