Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Are people Lying to us ? Probably not Self Analysis

How many time you may have felt that people are lying to us. I have been blamed that i am not sharing what i know. If you look at a high level that  for a given situation.. everyone will have a different way of describing the situation.. some may have lot more words , some may have very less and some may just don't want to have a chat on it.

So if we look at it there is a possibility that  people may not be lying to us... following is how different people will describe the situation differently..

  1. They may not have interest , so didn't paid attention to be able to describe the situation.
  2. Some may be very good with words and get creative so.. they probably will tell you more than a situation.
  3. Some could be introverts/people of few words.. they may skip some information that they may feel is not important.
  4. Vocabulary difference.. is a major different .. imagine people with totally different language talking to each other explaining the same thing.. no one will understand.. similarly even people with a same language use different words to describe the same thing.

So in essence there could be so many ways a single situation can be expressed.. depending on the personality of a person.. Now will you call these different personalities lying .. no i don't think so.. AT THIS MOMENT/SITUATION IT IS OUR DUTY TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS TO GIVE US A FEELING OF THAT WE KNOW ENOUGH.

Please keep in mind.. this article is focused on self analysis to help us take out any wrinkles in our personalities. Hope this helps .. HAPPY JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE.