Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Desire/Wants and Fate/Destiny

We have desires to be successful and achieve happiness in life. Someone has a desire to have a home, to have a home some prerequisite needs to be met before we can have the home. For a believer in fate will not know exactly how they will get a home... they think that somehow fate will figure out how to give them a home and they will be there to have it..

The main prerequisite to have a home will be to have the money to buy or have a down payment for the house.

Will it workout by itself.. with no effort.. infact Fate will need to figure out how to make it happen for you as you need to have money. How many time it has happened that you have desired for something and it just appeared in front of you with no conditions attached? (for rich folks their parents can give them the gift ).  For all the non rich people that's not happening..  So fate needs to figure out how to get the money to you :-). If Fate has to work in the easiest possible way.. it will be to win a lottery :-) for you. To win a lottery one needs to buy a lottery. If we don't buy a ticket of a lottery there is no way we will win the lottery. So in some way you need to help Fate help a way the more we help fate the better the chances.. So it boils down to KARMA.

Luck has been defined by some as being the right person at the time in the right place to be able to have it. So in some ways we need to be engaged in life do KARMA to be able to be lucky.

Following is a high level sequence of thing that needs to work out based on dependency on each other starting for having the money for down payment.

1) Have money to pay the down payment
2) To have money you need to save money
3) To save money you need to have money
4) To have money we need to worth something to society and work
5) To be worth something to society we need to have some skills and apply.
6) To have some skills we need to work or learn or study.
7) To study or work we need find out which skills are in demand.
8) To know what skills are in demand we need to do our own research or have guidance.
9) To have guidance we need to humble enough to listen to someone.
10) To be able to listen and think through we need to have clear and absorbing mind.

so overall.. we need the following skills(there could be lot more).. anyone who lacks in the following skills will have a hard time achieving what they want to or buy a home. We cannot be perfect in all of the following, it is constant learning.. anyone lacking these skill and not willing to work on them.. will always have a fate as a reason..

  1. Good listener
  2. Be a Saver. Saving money is not easy.
  3. No Ego, but have pride
  4. Able to conveniently interact with people
  5. Respect people
  6. Be organized
  7. Meditate or have a focus
  8. Be a good learner
  9. Be good, helping people (not selfish, but not let anyone take advantage of themselves).

For individual desires there are different skills required and dependency .. when we don't know the dependency and skills required for something to achieve... We voice FATE as the reason for not to be able to achieve a certain goal/desire.

One aspect of Spiritualism is to live in present and do the best we can do.. past is past and we need to move on.

For a week mind .. we use FATE as a reason to let go the unfortunate past/present ..  move forward and live in the moment. 

Being Responsible for all the action is a big responsibility.. when most of us are not able to take care of what is expected from us  in daily life.. how will we be able to take the responsibility for the whole life. We don't have the skills required to be righteous,  we have no control over our desire , anger and feelings than how we will be able to achieve happiness in life.. for this reason FATE is like a escape path most of us take.

We have lost connection between KARMA and DESIRE.. we are told to desire less so we need to do less KARMA.. we cannot become BHIKSHU  in today's world.. We need to engage in today's world .. we cannot escape it.. May be the definition of Spirituality needs to update a bit with the changing world of today.. We need to engage in KARMA.. without KARMA our civilization would not have achieved this level of prosperity and advancement.. We need to engage in KARMA and lean along the way to be  righteous, there always will be people trying to pull you down , challenge you and distract you.. but it is your FATE/DESTINY which is at stake ..  You can understand your circumstances and start working on your desires May be we need to desire less or more .. When we engage in KARMA we will know what we can achieve. Rich and connected people will have a head start in materialistic things. Everyone has a advantage when they look at their circumstances.


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