Friday, July 3, 2015

Depression in Astrology

Today many among us are suffering from depression. What is depression? Depression is a state of mind the person does not feel happy or good, sometimes people have depression without any reason, despite having all the things in life they are not just happy. We all faces unpleasant thing in life like failure in love, career and many things but some people can handle it but some people can’t handle due to weakness of mind. So what are the reasons for depression astrologically.

Depression is mainly caused by the damaged mind. In astrology mind is represented by the planet Moon. Moon is the receiver of everything whether is good or bad. We all feel happy if we receive good things in life but are not when there are no good things in life.

There are combinations of Moon with other planets which which cause mental stress/problems.

Moon with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu can give depression. Debilitated Moon, Mercury and Jupiter can give depression.

Moon sitting with Saturn (conjunction), makes person mind heavy. Saturn is limitation, fear of real things, boundaries in life, Saturn shows the truth and reality of life. Moon is the peace of our mind, it want happiness all the time, Moon don’t want to deal with harshness of life. The Saturn and Moon conjunction depress the mind by putting burden of responsibility and feeling of heaviness on emotional state.

Another reason for depression is when Moon sitting with Ketu (conjunction). Ketu is the south node of the Moon, its our subconscious thinking. Ketu is headless body which compel to us to think what is beyond this world, it represents spirituality, nothingness and not interest in materialistic world. When Moon comes with Ketu, cause depression without any reason, the person is not interested in this worldly life, it makes person to hard enjoy life. It makes person to think this ‘’world is illusion there is something which is more eternal and permanent’’. The person just lost in other world and not happy in this world makes person to prone for depression.

Another reason for depression when Moon sitting with Rahu (conjunction). Rahu is north node of the Moon it is materialistic planets. Rahu works on subconscious level. Rahu is desire, want to enjoy materialistic world. Moon with Rahu makes person very immature related with the emotions it makes person like child, as child want everything ‘’now’. It makes person very impatient but the person not geeting in time which they want it makes them prone to depression.

Moon conjunction with these planets in 6th, 8th, and 12 house makes person more prone to depression because Moon is not happy in these houses. But if Moon is exalted means in Taurus sign where mind is stable, it may not give problem but if it debilitated and sitting with these planets can cause depression.

There are some nakshatras in which Moon in not comfortable. Ashlesha nakshatra which fall in in Moon own sign Cancer sign but it is most emotionally turbulent nakshatra. Vishakha nakshatra in which Moon loses its mental peace due to lot of jealous problem makes person prone to depression.

If Moon have these combinations but aspected by Jupiter saves from depression, because Jupiter is the planet of hope, wisdom, and inspiration in life. Jupiter is the only planets which control every planet, especially Rahu. Any aspect Jupiter in these combination makes person hopeful and inspired about life. Jupiter give wisdom about life it gives us hope and inspiration to live life. Therefore good Jupiter saves a person from many evil effect of life. So if we want to live happy life we should understand about planet Jupiter and try to live according that so that we can save ourselves and others from unpleasant things in life.

Life is not about hoo laa laa all the time, one should understand there is something bigger than our personal happiness. If we should learn to accept in life that we can not achieve everything in life so that we can manage depression.

Remedy of depression:

1. Pour water or milk on shivling on saturday is great remedy for depression. Lord siva is the infinite field of possibilities, it is ultimate power, it is universe just try to connect with universal power, so that we can better understand about life and live happily.

2. Learn to how to do meditation, it help in to make mind peaceful and give strength to fight with unpleasant things in life.

3. ‘’pranayama’’ a breathing exercise which help in calm down the mind.

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