Thursday, July 23, 2015

Venus in 12th House Career

In astrology as we know 12th house consider malefic house and if your 10th lord placed in 12th house is known as Dur Yoga means there can be trouble in your career,  but there are many other career possibilities.  Any sign, house, or planet that is associated with the 12th house or Pisces archetype can be expressed on a public or collective level through a profession.  It is important to understand, this does not mean that the Pisces archetype refers to a more glamorous or soulful career. Fame and glamour can surely be part of the Pisces archetype dynamic, we can also expect to find the more accessible professions. Tapping  into a collective need through one’s profession can be done quite mundanely, in fact, this is more common than the glamorous expressions. So when Venus in 12th house what kind of career we can expect.

First we need to know what is 12th house ? 12th house is the house of loss. This is the house of where any one can see whether it is through internet or through T. V. This is the house of foreign land, hospital, jail, ashram, non charitable institute, behind the scene ( working in film industry), meditation, yoga, temples etc.

Now what is Venus ? Venus is the planet of beauty, love, harmony,  romance, pleasure and socializing with and relating to others. What appear attractive to us and how we attract others, it depend on the what kind of venus energy you have in your birth chart. venus is the planet of value, self worth, money, comfort and hoarded wealth.  Venus is the planet of five sense. In tamasic sign it is more defensive, in rajasic sign it is more about sharing and in satwic sign it is more about highest form of love (happy for no reason).  etc.

Now you mix the both of them and especially if you have pisces energy in 2nd or 7th house or Venus rule your 10th house or Venus in 12th house.

Lot of people in banking business with Venus in the in these aspects. Venus in the 12th house and with jupiter in the second house, these people are chronic spenders. They have a hard time finding their boundaries with their own financial situation but many of them managing public funds being in banking business, being involved with stock markets, being involved with all kinds of financial transaction and finance of businesses. These people are very money oriented. Jupiter in the second house and Venus in 12th house these people can is not only manage public thought, it's also someone that has the capacity and has the potential to access public funds. Jupiter in the second house and venus in 12th house can become multi millionaires because of they tap into the collective consciousness through the financial Avenue. Therefore they can have this open doorway just money comes in without control. But at the same time they can lose tremendous amounts of money without control and this is a very tricky lesson when you try to control too much it doesn't work. People with Jupiter in the second house, they can be very extravagant financially and have no boundaries whatsoever they do. 12th house is the house of cheating so these people can be cheated financially.

12th house or Pisces/ 2nd house or Taurus connection can give career in finances, banking, loans, music, design (interior, hair, graphic); landscape architecture, construction industry, massage, industry, and food industry.

Now sexual aspect of Venus and  it can lead to sexual exposure too. It can lead to doctor of sexual side e.g. sexual therapists, and sexologist. Venus in the 12th house also mediators, diplomats,  being able to harmonize on the collective level.  Jupiter in the seventh house and venus in 12th house, many people managing other people. they can be  best counselors knowing how to attain the balance and to touch the public in that way but they could also be individuals that manage the career of someone. e. g.  public service, through the channel of other people.  

12th house of Pisces/7th house connection can give career in, any aspect of counseling (psychology, consulting); mediation, law, wedding industry, professions that relate to the exploration of the lives of others (biographies, journalism/interviews); sociology, human resources.

These are the some clues of career Venus in 12th house or in Pisces sign with connection of 2nd and 7th house.  

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