Friday, July 31, 2015

Name in Astrology


When a baby is born in a family everyone is happy. Parents wants give good life and happiness to the baby. Generally mother is the most concern with the baby because she gave birth to a child. This is why in baby namkaran ceremony/puja she has the most important role.

Some of the people keep their baby name without knowing meaning of the name which is not good.  Name is very important in someone life. It acts as mantra which produce sound effect repeatedly and has an impact on the person's life. So one should be very careful in choosing a name. If someone chooses the name which is not good in meaning it carry on whole life and the person suffer with the worse effect of name.

e.g. If you give your baby girl name Indu. Meaning of indu is moon and we know moon varies everyday. So if we give this name to a person the person could be very moody.

e.g  if you give baby name atul the meaning of atul is matchless so when the person grown he may be not able to find his partner because he is matchless.

When choosing a name for a newborn child one should be careful choosing any alphabet.  It should be started with the auspicious sounding starting letters. It is believed when such an auspicious sounding name is constantly repeated over the years to come, it will act as a Mantra which will bring good energy to the child.  The name should have good meaning whether it is based on astrologically or not.

People go the astrologer for choosing their baby’s name. The name in the astrology is given according to the person ascendant (Rising Sign), and Janma Nakshatra  (Position of the Moon) of the child from the horoscope. There is many nakshatra which is not considered good.

There are 27 nakshatra in astrology,  nakshatras have deities which is invoked by the sound. There is a ashlesha nakshatra which falls under the cancer rashi the ruling deity is the serpent king, is very emotionally turbulent nakshatra. So if someone put their baby name according to that nakshatra, this will not be good because the person can attract turbulent energy from the cosmos. So the person can choose different.

There is pushya nakshatra which also falls in cancer rashi but is very different than ashlesha nakshatra. Pushya nakshatra is  the most auspicious. This nakshatra ruling deity is brihaspati the lord of speech and prayer. The person born in this nakshatra is very fortunate, have powerful speech and practice spiritualism.

If the person don’t have good moon and ascendant nakshatra one should keep name which attract good vibration from the cosmos.

The name should have  good meaning and easy to pronounce. Because many people keep their baby name so difficult is very hard to pronounce and name become deteriorate,as the name deteriorate the meaning also deteriorate. So the person catches that kind of vibration from the universe.

As we know that the Indian actress Aishwarya Rai is full of wealth, luck, name and fame.
Her naming is very similar to all these things. So one should be aware of meaning of name when they are giving any name to their baby.  

The person attract vibration according to their name. One should be careful while choosing name.

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