Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rahu (North Node) in 5th and Ketu (South Node) in 11th House Axis in Astrology

Rahu and Ketu are the soul purpose of life. Rahu is future and Ketu is past. Rahu shows what we want, it is obsession over those thing where it sits and Ketu is our past mind conditioning, it shows where we already dealt with and we don’t want it. Rahu and Ketu axis shows that in what area person is immature and need to be matured and in what area person is matured. Where Rahu and Ketu axis fall in the birth chart that area is most spiritual growth for the native in its life. Rahu and Ketu are the point where Sun (soul), Moon (mind), and earth (body) intersect in the sky. This point is very powerful, it forced to think about who we are and what is life about. Rahu and Ketu are the force which connect us with the divine power.

5th house is the house of heart desire, creativity, self expression, children, romance, speculating business, politics, performing arts, fashion, design and gambling.

11th house is the house of worldly ambition, gains, social circle, culture, network with the society, large group, friends, and elder siblings.

When Rahu and Ketu axis fall in 5th and 11th house the person is obsessed towards the creativity and self expression. Because Ketu in the 11th house shows the native in his previous life or early childhood the native didn't feel that they were personally appreciated for their own creativity and forced to suppress his own unique creativity for the greater good of the culture and society. Because of that their creativity and self expression suppressed in the past they rebel against that and say I'm a creative and everything is about me. Because Rahu is of extreme nature these people follow their creative path intensely and when it's extreme than it might even produce an artist who goes out of his way to make sure they get public approval.

Depending on the sign of Rahu (North Node) in 5th house produce great artist, actor, great politician, dancer, gambler, creative performer, theatre artist, creative painter, and stock market broker etc.

Ketu (South Node) in 11th house these people are away from worldly ambitions and achievement. They just focused on their individual self. They are away from social circle and friends and very non sensitive towards them. Any aspect and conjunction of the planet change the result. Usually these people wealthy in life.

Rahu (North Node) in Leo and Ketu (South ode) in Aquarius Sign Axis:

Rahu (North Node) in Leo sign: these people very creative and like to work on the creative aspects. Creativity in general expressing themselves and appreciating others. They need to learn how to be self confidence through the leader quality. These people need to be careful not to be so being negative aspect of Leo which is self-centered, overbearing being stubborn, domineering or arrogant.

Ketu (South Node) in Aquarius sign: Ketu is our past experience these people expert in being innovative, original and creating social change, create change in Humanitarian, and Social Independence. These people need to be careful not to get caught up in negative aspects of Aquarius which is be being disorganized, antisocial, not detached from others.

Depending on the different sign of the Rahu in the 5th house create different interest in the sphere of life. 

Rahu in Aries sign in 5th house: interested in hairdressing, designing hat, drums, and athletic dancing.

Rahu in Taurus sign in 5th house: interested in singing can be good singers, painting, drawing and beautician.

Rahu in Gemini sign in 5th house: interested in puppetry, computer games creating originals games, and creating good advertisement.

Rahu in Cancer sign in 5th house: interested in photographer, good designer in silver jewellery and creative chef.

Rahu in Leo sign in 5th house: interested in crafting, jewelry making, acting, circus performing and movie making. ,

Rahu in Virgo sign in 5th house: interested in sculpting, drafting, calligraphy and percussion instruments.

Rahu in Libra sign in 5th house: interested in fashion design, writing poetry, flower arranging and music.

Rahu in Scorpio sign in 5th house: interested in magic act, underwater photography and playing bass guitar.

Rahu in Sagittarius sign in
5th house: interested in writing journalism, animal training especially horse.

Rahu in Capricorn sign in 5th house: interested in woodworking, cartooning, ice sculpting and creation with crystal.

Rahu in Aquarius sign in 5th house: interested in computer programing, innovative arts and animations.

Rahu in Pieces sign in 5th house: interested in ballet dance, swimming, visionary arts, classical music and creative in fantasy arts.

These interest can be modified if Rahu and Ketu aspected or any planet sitting with them.

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