Thursday, July 9, 2015

Start Predicting Your Future One day at a Time

So you want to predict your own future ... I think we can. Let's take an example of a glass .. if we drop a glass on a hard surface it will break. We have learned that from our past experiences.  So in some ways it is cause (karma) and effect(fate/destiny) kind of a thing.

To be able to predict the future we need to understand what is going on within and around us.  So if there are thousands of variables that are around and based on it we need to figure out what will be the outcome .. it will be difficult on us as we are not used to  managing these  many variables.. So let us focus on reducing the number of variables we need to deal with. The less number of variables we have there are more chances for us to be able to analyze them and come to a fruitful conclusion.

So let us start with a day at a time at a high level. On the bases of what you know lets plan for tomorrow. 
  1. At what time you will get up?
  2. By what time you will get ready?
    1. Get fresh, toothbrush, wear your clothes
    2. what you will have in your breakfast
  3. At what time will you reach office?
  4. What will you be doing before lunch in office?
    1. What meetings you have
    2. What work needs to get done in morning
  5. At what time will you be taking a lunch break?
  6. At what time you will be done with your office work?
    1. What is important for you to get done for today.
  7. At what time you will start for home?
    1. Depending on traffic how much time it will take
  8. At what time you will reach home?
  9. At what time you will play with your kids?
  10. At what time you will have your dinner?
  11. At what time you will sleep?
There will be many deviation in the starting.. keep on improving as you learn more .. may be in a weeks time you will know exactly what you will be doing every next day before the day start. With time you will build unpredictability into your plan as there could be some surprises along the way.. e.g suddenly there may be a change in priority at office .. there  may be a traffic jam on the way to or from office.

(for people managing home.. there are kids who will induce unpredictability in your life.. you need to balance between nurturing and managing unpredictability of kids. Encouraging unpredictability in  kids is neither good for kids or you.. The sooner we make our kids understand predictability the better they will be in life  )

Since you know better, if life throws a curve ball at you.. You will be able to calmly think through and deal with it as you know what is happening in a day and how you can manage/ prioritize for the surprise.

The more we understand the variables effecting us the more we will be able to manage and predict the next day. You will feel that you have some control over your life in the given environment.

The less we do we have fewer things to manage and hence more predictability, the more things we do the more thing can go wrong..

Extend this predictability to a WEEK , then to a MONTH, then to a YEAR, then to MULTI YEARS and then possibly to LIFE.

People and world around you may want to make your life unpredictable, but you need to manage  your plan make adjustments based on the what you know and what you can do. Without a plan we are just drifters and will feel miserable.

The most unpredictable thing is our mind, anger , laziness.. do meditation.. it helps you calm your mind connects different part of your brain for you to be able to analyze your situation better and react to it.  Different part of our brain matures/connects with age. Mediation speeds up the process.

So at a high level if we engage in KARMA we will be able to predict our future at-least in the short term and as we get better we can predict long-term future as well. If we can predict the future then we know to some extent what is in our FATE/DESTINY.

If we cannot predict for a day and manage it.. we are drifting through life .. it  may turn out to be good or bad .. but surely will be unpredictable which will make your life miserable as our MIND wants to be calm .. unpredictability will make it think randomly which is unsettling.

If we look at spirituality at a high level .. it wants to make things less predictable because you have control over your mind.. you are in sync with the universe , you are not over consuming  , you are a giver .. the more we want to take away from others the world will become challenging. For better predictability we need to set our goals manageable and work through it.. 

Give GOD/UNIVERSE less to do by managing your life better and only ask for help when really needed that way you have better chance of getting the help you need.  Imagine that we are asking 20 things in a day from the UNIVERSE .. when will UNIVERSE have time to help you when you really need it :-).

Have you decided what will you have for your dinner if you had a choice or did you let fate/destiny decide it for you? :-)

Astrology can help you understand your mind and influences on it.


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