Sunday, July 12, 2015

Living in the present, balancing Professional and Spiritual Life

You may have heard of living in present and not to worry about future.. but in professional life we need to work, plan and deal with every surprise that is thrown at you.

So how can we live in present and deal with the ambiguity of the professional life.

When we look at it we cannot become monks.. they don't need to worry about the they live on donations and have the very basic needs.. there are no desires. Can we are living on donations of others and have no desires and can live with the minimum which is give to us by others.

The first KARMA is to take care of this body.. what ever it takes to do so..

When we live in this society we have family which has given us birth and taken care.. we need to give it back .. it is our duty to do so.. given the state of marriage and family .. we cannot afford to have a belief that it will all work out.. when we are in old age we may not be able to work.. government will not pay for our expanses and take care of medical needs. We need to do so.. to be able to take care of ourselves .. we need to have savings and need to plan for it.. If we don't have our children then it is all professional help .. which needs to be paid.. 

If we are living in the present and not have a family.. then we better be monk :-) as you need to have enough to be able to pay for yourself in the old age. (When you are living with very less anyways you don't need much when you are too old)

If you are living in the present and have a family... and your children understand their duties as you understand yours .. in someways you will have someone who will be able to help you in the old age.

These are contradictions in themselves, we need to choose or we can live with the state of mind as said of "living in the present".


Without "doing the best we can in the present" there is no "living in the present".. to do the best we need to engaged in life and believe in KARMA.

The other statement used in context of "Living in the present" is "I have surrendered myself to god/universe" surrendering to what for what? I think we should not surrender our action.. I think we accept what ever is the outcome?.. is it escapism or not .. I'll let you be the judge for yourself..

Following are some of the statements that means the same to me ..
  1. Living in now
  2. Living in Present
  3. It is what it is
  4. It Does not matter
When I read these statements .. what it means to me is that .. whatever happened.. it is past.. learn from it and move forward.. "It doesn't matter" if I was wrong or "the best" ... it doesn't matter as it is the past, but I need to learn from my mistake and not do it again or move on in my life.. that's what matters

When it comes to "Doing the best we can in the present".. we need to be constant observer/learner and get better as the world is evolving..we should figure out our place in the universe..  we can choose our path of evolution, but need to make sure that we are able to take care of ourselves till the end of life and not be a burden on society. "Doing the best we can" is "Living in the present" as there are no regrets and we are willing to get better with constant learning.

Astrology can help you understand your mind and influences on it.


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Living in the present, balancing Professional and Spiritual Life