Sunday, July 19, 2015

Saturn and Mars conjunction in Houses

The 1st house: 1st house known as ascendant it represents physical appearance, health strength of the body, basic personality, self expression, this is the most important house because from this house we look the individual mental outlook how individual behave and project himself to the outer world. Mars and Saturn will conjunct in the first house of self and personality.  This conjunction can makes you more forceful and focused in interpersonal actions in uncompromising way. Mars and Saturn is not favorable for smoothness and for relationships. if you face some challenges in your relationship you are likely to express yourself in unpleasant ways. Holding back your actions doesn't help Mars and  Saturn produces a pressure. It is better you put energy in some productive work and avoid those people who might oppose you

The 2nd house: 2nd house represents childhood, sense of self worth, self appreciation, family values, environment of childhood, confidence which comes from the family, close friends, hoard wealth, jewelry, gems, food intake, throat, voice and security of what we value, it is the house of family environment. Mars conjunction Saturn in the second house of money food support and family this indicates for tension within the family whatever has been cooked gets aggravated. Saturn is the planet of work and Mars is action, so on the positive side you get a boost putting your work into the action for getting more cash into your life.  but the second house can still manifest as extra stress in the finance and as well as leading to bad choices related with 2nd house stuff.

The 3rd house: 3rd house represents siblings, communication, curiosity, creativity, hobbies, personal interest, performing arts, acting, competitiveness, self effort, will power, courage, short distance travel, neighbors, meeting room in offices. It's the house where we meet and communicate people who is around us. Mars conjunction Saturn in the third house of skills, talents, efforts, and personal desires. This conjunction of Saturn and Mars is good  for focused efforts, initiating energy, intensive projects and forceful communications.  but not good for tangible things of life of this house. Your life may suffer with younger siblings, and your neighbor may likely endure some problems.

The 4th house: 4th house represents inner peace, mother, home, environment where we feel secure, inner peace, emotions, most sensitive part of our inner being happiness. This is the house of vehicle, land, property, early education. 1st house of moksha from self ( ego). Saturn Mars together in the fourth house of home domestic life and deep-seated feelings. Saturn is the planet of buildings and Mars is physical activity therefore doing home projects and repairs are good use of this energy. This conjunction not good for domestic affairs and  there could be problems for your mother and your relationship with her may suffer. Sometimes you may feel restless and not peaceful. It is better for you if you pursue mediation practice on the daily basis.

The 5th house: 5th house represents self expression, fun, play, sports, intelligence, creativity, children, early education, speculative business, love, romance, romantic partners, what we love most, wealth,  past life credits, and spiritual practices. Mars and Saturn together in the 5th house (auspicious house), so creativity, romance, speculation, investments, amusements and children having a malefic effect.  In the fifth house of romance does not favor smooth relations with your lover nor is it favorable for children relationship. But for non-live significations this conjunction could be helpful such as making concentrated efforts towards a creative project. Speculation, and investments do not usually prosper under the influence of two malefic planets in the 5th house.

The 6th house: 6th house is the most challenging house in astrology, house where struggle for daily routine work. This is the house of health care, disease, immune system, conflicts, competitions, court, divorce, enemy, service, small pets, animals, having good or bad habits, where we learn to improve ourself. Saturn and Mars conjunction in sixth house of service employment, enemies and litigation.  Malefic planets in sixth house can cause problems but also provide energy for solving those problems.  This is good for working hard at your place. Mars and Saturn in sixth house of enemus provide good strength to fight with your enemies helping you to take the necessary steps for victory.

The 7th house: 7th house represents partner, dealing with others people, deal in business, business partner, agreements,  open enemies. It is the house of compromise because with partner we have to adjust if problems may arise. It is the house where we want to fulfill our desire through the other people. Saturn and and Mars conjunction in 7th house is not good for relationship but this culmination provides focused and for getting work done overcoming adversity in the area of your life. This could be the spouse business, partner required or permitted work opponent. Therefore a positive use of this energy is would be to focus on efforts and accomplishments in your professional field.

The 8th house: 8th house represents transformation in life due to sudden up and down, situations of life where we have no control, we have to face it, sudden gain and loss, occult science, incurable disease, secretive side of life, fear of losing others and 2nd house of moksha from others. Mars and Saturn conjunction in eighth house of partners wealth financial involvements and humiliation. So this is overall a difficult energy in 8th house.  Since malefic planets can bring on hard to deal with changes in your life, financial arrangements with your spouse or business partner can hit a rough patch. There could be some hard to deal with health problems and you should be careful of the temptation to indulge in any clandestine actions in overall your life because it could backfire on you and you could suffer humiliation.

The 9th house: 9th house represents fortune, religion, long distance travel, law, higher learning, wisdom philosophy, teaching, and belief system. After crossing the 8th house and strengthen our heart from life's insecurities we entered 9th house where learn about many aspects of life eg. different culture. Mars and Saturn conjunction in ninth house of guru and parents are generally not good for relationship with them. Your may suffer in long distance travel and any ninth house activity. Mars the planet of conflict and together with Saturn the planet of harsh reality tend to make you less inclined to adhere to ethical and moral standards.  The positive side of this conjunction in 9th house is you might be making concentrated efforts in advance studies.

The 10th house: 10th house represent responsibility, responsible nature, father, career, social and public recognition, fame, public status, politics, government, materialistic achievement and achievement in the world. Mars and Saturn conjunction in tenth house indicates success in the world actions,  in your community and that includes conduct in society. Mars and Saturn in 10th house means you determined and focused on your path towards success, gaining status and position. Careful in dealing with people at your career place and not to alienate the people around you especially those in superior positions such as your boss and government authorities as they have a potential to demean you.

The 11th house: 11th lord represents friends, social circle, worldly ambitions, large group of people, profit, income, and money from occupation. This is the house of goals, hopes and wishes, where we want to do something for the world, humanity. Mars and Saturn conjunction in 11th house of profits, friends,  goals and ambitions and the elder sibling. Malefic  in 11th house are supposed to be good because they make you more determined to reach your goals but careful that you don't become so determined that your overbearing towards the 11th house people e.g. Your friends, associates and your elder sibling. Concentrated effort represented by Mars and Saturn can also be helpful for getting rewards and gains.

The 12th house: 12th house represents loss, bed pleasure, subconscious mind, dreams, hospital, foreign land, jail, asylum, spiritualism, isolation, meditation, and liberation. This the house where we let go thing and try to live alone to be peaceful, enlightenment and 3rd house of moksha.  Mars and Saturn conjunction in the 12th house is problematic. This is the house of expenses, losses, subconscious, betrayal and hidden actions be careful of impulsive actions and lead to unintended consequences. Someone may be acting against you behind your back. With this energy in 12th house you may be equipped for dealing with a hidden enemy in uncompromising way.  On the positive side this is very good for making institutions and working in those.

This is general interpretation of Saturn and Mars in all the house, effect may vary according to your ascendant because for each ascendant Saturn and Mars rules different houses.

Saturn and Mars Together (Conjunction) in Astrology