Saturday, July 11, 2015

We were all born Incompetent for today with no Communication Skills

If we look at it when we are born we didn't knew how to speak, we had no skills for us to be able to do anything. We are blank .. like a clean slate if you would. There was nothing, NADA, whatever you say..

Other than how educated , rich is our family and where we were born.. these are some of the factors which could be different from others... can be attributed to KARMA of past.. Other than that we all are the same.
  1. How we speak
  2. Do we get angry
  3. How do we deal with people around us
  4. How do we view things
  5. How we learn
Let's say we have 2 kids.. who are just born.. Given that there no difference between their families in term of finance , education and place. Following are some of the skills we use in every day life..

#IdealNot Idealoutcome
1Polite SpeechHarsh SpeechMost people like a person to be polite
2Healthy and CleanSick and DirtyMost people like a person a person who is taking care of health and appears clean
3Helping in NatureSelfish NatureWho wants a selfish person in their life
4Positive OutlookNegative OutlookWe all want motivation and helping people who has positive outlook as they want to find solution of their problems
5Always willing to learnDoesn't want to learnLearners are better positioned to deal with life
6Better communicationaverage communicationa person with better communication can get their point across and express their feeling correctly
7Willing to solve a problem ( being a leader)A follower who cannot do anything by themselvesIt is good to be a follower, but people want to solve problems and have some to give them clarity when there is confusion and no answers
8EnergeticLazyWho wants to have a lazy person around
9OrganizedUN-organizedWho wants to have a UN-organized person around
10Emotionally StableEmotionally UnstableWho wants to have unstable person around

If a person has all the "Ideal" skills .. how do you think their life will turn out to be.. and person who has "Not Ideal" skills .. how will their life will turn out to be.. It is a race to acquire better skills as soon as so we can have a better balanced life.

Most of us are evolving and trying to get into ideal side of things .. we keep on oscillating between Ideal and not so Ideal .. we are human and prone to errors , mood swings , anger and are challenged in life. Be it whatever your age.. 25,34,45.. the sooner we are on it the better it is for our life.

If we want to have a happy life we need to keep our mind and body in balance. We need to engage in life and have faith in KARMA. The more we do the better we get and evolve to be a evolved soul.

(As parents we need to teach/embed these skills in our children, there is no one else who will do it or they may learn by themselves after hardships in life.. as a parent we can at-least do this as a responsibility of bringing them into this universe.)

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