Saturday, August 1, 2015

Remedy of Jupiter (Bad Husband) Astrology

Jupiter is the husband in women’s chart. As Jupiter is the planet of luck, wisdom, higher knowledge of life, teachings, children, and wealth. A women is mostly looking for these things from a husband as well.

A woman wants someone’s guidance, happiness, children, support, and wealth in her life. These all things are presented or provided by the planet Jupiter. Therefore when we look for all these things we check condition of the Jupiter. A woman is weak physically if compared with man, she always want support. This support can be provided by Jupiter. If Jupiter dignity is good in woman's birth chart there is chances she may get good husband, but if Jupiter dignity is bad there is chances of she may get bad husband in her life. Bad husband or Jupiter simply means the man not providing any emotional support, abuse her verbally or physically and not present when a woman needs him emotionally. But there is always some remedies if we apply in our life we can avoid many unpleasant things in our life.

Remedy of Bad Husband/Jupiter: 

If some women have bad Jupiter they can work on it and can live happily. First of all a woman should understand what is the planet Jupiter all about. When she understands what is Jupiter and what is the role of Jupiter in life she can relate better and work on it. Jupiter is planet of wisdom, higher learning, creativity and spirituality and much more.

The women need to cultivate spirituality in her behavior or in her life. She needs to cultivate the spirituality in marriage. Spirituality in marriage means woman happiness is not dependent on the husband for happiness but she should be happiness in every relation. She need to learn happiness exist within not outside then a woman attracts a virtuous man in her life. There is no need to please her husband by doing superficial things. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and spirituality. The woman needs to cultivate all these things in her personality then she may attract a good husband because we always attract what we are not what we want. She needs to if a woman feel depressed in love life and feel empty in her life she needs to work on her hurtful feelings rather than developing some kind of bad habit. A woman needs to take care for herself, she needs to cultivate creative aspect of life and try to find happiness within herself. When we are depressed we try to find happiness in others and running here and there. We try to console our mind by eating excessive food because food also can give temporary happiness, but by doing all these things we simply messing more of our life. By doing all these things we are attract unworthy man in life. So women need to cultivate inner joy, wisdom and spirituality in her life so that she can attract good husband.

Praying Lord Shiva is very beneficial in getting good husband, because lord shiva work through Jupiter, if woman pray to lord Shiva then then she is able to cultivate spiritual marriage, inner joy and wisdom. A woman can worship any spiritual deity in which she believed in her culture.

Life is a mystery, sometimes women suffer a lot due to bad husband in her life, even she think I did not do anything in her life why this happened to me. In astrology life is through karma of many past lives which we don’t remember. There is law of karma we get what we sow. so one should be careful and mindful about their behavior, unless we don’t do good we cannot get good. We should look at the bigger picture of life in which we all are one. We belong to one source with different name, we should try to connect with divine source, and unless we don’t develop divinity in our attitude we can’t get good in our life. When a woman suffers from husband she should try to develop Jupiter quality within herself so that she can get good husband in her life.