Saturday, August 15, 2015

Remedy of weak (debilitated) Venus

In life we all are weak in some area. In astrology, a “weakness” is generally seen by the debilitated planet.  That planet in your birth chart, which is in its weakest sign, it’s sign of “debilitation”. What is debilitated planet mean? Debilitated planet it is in an “unconscious” state of the planet, it mean we are not conscious or aware about what that the planet is all about.

Due to different Venus energy we have different nature for love and relationship. Some people smile even in worse condition but some people  complain when they have everything in life.

Venus is the planet of happiness, respect, relationship, compromise, how much we have, and how much we can give these things to others. How much we respect and appreciate, how much we appreciate, how much we are good at giving compliment to others,
all come from the Venus. Depending on these these things Venus influences our relationships with others. Venus is all about pleasure, especially pleasure shared with others.

It is because of Venus that we have happiness in this world, particularly happiness with regard to acquisition of material wealth and fulfillment of the senses. Venus stands for finances as well as anything related to  love, romance, comfort, luxury  jewelry, expensive cars, good food, a beautiful home, convenience, beauty and anything that gives you satisfaction on material plane. Venus is significator of wife in a man chart and any relationship with the woman and harmony in marriages. All the above things in one’s life is purely influenced by Venus. If you have a strong Venus, you will be loving and appealing, but if it is weak, then there will be problems especially in relationship.

Venus debilitates in the Virgo. Venus is the planet of happiness, appropriation of beauty, balance, and creativity and is not comfortable in the mental, analytical and critical sign of Virgo. When Venus is debilitated we have a hard time enjoying what we have. We may be a bit nit-picky and find fault finding towards others. Venus in virgo is very complaining for small things.  As Venus is our capacity for happiness, and it’s better when were easily pleased, but when Venus in Virgo is not so easily pleased. It is the planet of compromise. Venus teaches us the happiness is often through compromise in relationship and some don’t want to compromise/adjust this is the main reason why relationships suffer or fail. When Venus in Virgo, the person might not be feel appreciated by partner which may leads to disagreements and disappointment in love. Due to these problems you might feel an emotional gap, arguments and cold wars between you and your partner.

Remedy for weak Venus:

1. One should improve their behavior in love. Venus is planet of mutual love. If someone wants love from others then one should know how to love others. Venus is important in romantic relationships, when Venus energy damage the person is unromantic one should learn life is not about to criticize others but to get along with each other. As in relationship we have to compromise or adjust for the happiness of others and ourselves. One should learn to how to compromise gracefully with others and should learn how to appreciate others.

Before we start blaming the other person and criticizing them, one should look at themselves. This is the best thing to put it into practice in everyday life.

2. One should not be selfish in love.

3. You should not spend much time on selection of dresses as this all to avoid and minimize the malefic effects of the planet.

4. We all know about astrology but how this astrology works on us? We live in this universe on the planet earth. In astrology we mainly deal with nine planets. These are sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. But how these planetary energy affect us? As these plants are revolving in the sky, they also are revolving in our body in the form of chakras. Every chakra is related to planet. Venus related to the heart chakra or anahat chakra, when Venus is weak this heart chakra is also damaged or blocked. One should heal the heart chakra to avoid bad effect of debilitated Venus. If a person having problem in receiving and giving love it indicates that heart chakra is blocked.

5. One should learn how to receive and give love to open heart chakra.

6. Pouring milk on shiving on saturday in temple is powerful remedy to avoid bad effect of debilitated Venus energy.

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