Monday, August 10, 2015

Remedy of weak (debilitated) Saturn

Saturn is a very important planet in astrology.  It is the planet of karma whether it is good or bad. It is also a slow moving  planet. Saturn denote hard working ability, how long one can sit and do work, it like routine job. It is a planet of physical  fear, limitation,responsibility,stability, law,order  and status. Saturn represents very  structured  organized and patience-full behavior of someone. It teaches us a lesson of life lesson by putting us into difficult situations, like too much of household responsibility, putting limitation in the  circle of  life sphere. It makes person humble. It also rule the wealth in life,social friend network,large group of people, lower class worker and old people. By looking at the sign and position of the Saturn in birth chart  we can judge someone  past life karma. Saturn is the main planet that allows us to feel the effects of our karma. He shows us the mistakes and allows us to avoid them in the future. Saturn also is our capacity and need for a healthy level of solitude and gratitude for what we have. In this way, Saturn teaches us to live simply and move beyond our attachment to a false sense of security that comes from excessive materialism. When a person is excessively materialistic, Saturn energy hurts them deeply. It is the nature of Saturn to shatter illusions around fear and make us grow up. Saturn makes us mature.

Saturn gives wealth according to past life as well as present life karma. Saturn is the main planet that allows us to feel the effects of our karma. Mostly those people who are rich have  very good Saturn in their chart because they have done good past and present life karma. That is why in Hindu mythology we emphasis on the karma. There is a saying in BhagaVad Gita as you sow as you shall reap. So one should do good karma to escape from the bad effect of Saturn. It is not Saturn which punishes us but it  is our own bad karma which punishes us.

Saturn acts based on the GOOD KARMA or BAD KARMA.

Saturn  debilitated in Aries because it is opposite of those quality which Saturn rule. Aries sign ruled by mars. Mars is individualistic, action, ambitious, impulsive, mars is black and white thinking, mars takes action first and then think. Mars don’t want to sit in one place,very sporty, unorganized and patience less planet which is opposite of Saturn qualities.

When  Saturn debilitated  the person is very individualistic due to these people very selfish bitter,controlling,cruel. The excess worldly ambition will lead to these people take too much of responsibility due to that they suffer health problem and stress. Controlling behavior makes their enemies very easily.

Debilitated Saturn people have reckless behavior,  they may ruin their career due to indecisive decision. wrong decisions and bad discrimination can harm the native this may lead to distrust on people and may cause depression.Because their Saturn energy is not stable Saturn bring fearful, insecure, confused,  and clinging nature. Saturn is practical in nature but here Saturn practical humanistic quality destroyed. Weak Saturn native further away from higher dharmic purpose. They lack the feeling of to understand the human emotions, because of that they don’t respect elderly people.

Remedy of weak (debilitated) Saturn:


  1. One should be not selfish.
  2. Keep patience in bad situations.
  3. Before taking any action think deeply whether it is right action or wrong.
  4. Learn how to do work with patiently and with dedication. Even if it becomes  unpleasant internally or difficult externally.
  5. Not be individualistic should think for others also.
  6. Have a nice and sympathetic  behavior towards people.
  7. Respect elderly people and take their blessing.
  8. When we identify ourselves as an entity of form, there is fear and stress. When we identify ourselves as an entity beyond time, there is freedom. This is the essence of Saturn try to be not fearful and understand this world is an illusion nothing is  permanent.
  9. One should learn how to let go things and live in a healthy solitude.
  10. We should always do  good deeds so that we can get good karma(deed) result.
  11. Do meditation.
  12. Pour water on shiving in temple every Saturday in the morning.