Monday, August 17, 2015

Self-Respect & Engaging With Honor/Respect

We have to be righteous, act with honor without disrespecting other.  When we act with honor and is a giver the universe will appreciate and honor (which in some ways is Respect.)

We should follow at-least the following 2

  1. Keep smiling 24/7 (unless there is a sad reason or hurts someone's feeling)
  2. Give benefit of the doubt (ask for clarification, Most of the time it is our interpretation that may have gaps)
If we see two people arguing
  1. One is Who doesn't have a way to present themselves better
  2. The other person is who cannot prevent an argument
They both could not avoid an argument .. So don't be the person arguing it shows immaturity in us and doesn't help the greater being. Try not be one of them. If we have difference in opinion we should be able to properly explain it

Ego or Egoist

Ego could be an inferiority complex in hiding that a person wants to over come by proving that they are right and want recognition for it. This is not acting with respect or honor.

We should side with the righteous cause when we are right we are respected and honored by other people.

Managing Criticism

This is the most common thing we need to face. Sometime it's our interpretation and sometime it is really someone who is trying to criticize us.. We need to take this in a positive way to deal with it.. We should be able to manage criticism in a way that we don't feel humiliation or perceived to be humiliated and we should absorb any learning that is possible out of it.. If we do this for a while you will see there will be less of criticism as people will find less issues in us. Which is good for us as general improvement and quality of life we live. We should be smart enough to be able to filter the criticism for the sake of it and a genuine opportunity to improve .. it is our responsibility to evolve and be a better soul.

How we communicate 

e.g for if someone ask us a question ... What are you doing?
  1. Why the hell you want to know what i am doing?
  2. Why do you want to know what i am doing?
  3. I am doing .. explanation of  what you are doing..
for the person who who is answering this question .. their life will turn out to be depending on the answer they gave..

for the first "Why the hell you want to know what i am doing?" do you think this is a happy conversation? I don't think so.. i don't want to be dealing with a person who give this kind of answer.

for the Second "Why do you want to know what i am doing?" it depends on what was the attitude with it was spoken... if it was harsh then it is almost as the first one but a little better... if it is said politely then it is more of inquiring back which is fine and can get the conversation going forward.

for the third "I am doing .. explanation of  what you are doing.." is the best way to have the communication going further for collaboration going on.. All said and done it is hard for a person to achieve than a team of people working together.. it is hard to get  people together to work on a thing .. and it is hard to see many people succeeding in life .. be  a person who can bring people together, success , happiness for yourself  and others.

In someways self-respect is reflection of how we engage with people around us. If we get angry, irritated, biased and make wrong choices.. We loose self-respect and our honor.