Monday, August 31, 2015

Child Personality Outlook Astrology Report

When a Child is born it is a time of happiness. After a while we start having questions on how the child is going to be. We all get concern about child's future and desire great future for our child.

Each child’s astrology report provides a basic understanding of your child’s natural gifts, strengths and weaknesses, and will guide you in how to best nurture your child so that they always feel loved ,valued and are successful.

As parents if we know the strengths and weakness of our child we will be able to guide them and help the child overcome his weakness and boost them in their strength. Being a parent is challenging. A job description for a parent would include something of almost every other job. When we study the child's astrological chart, we can instantly attune to how we can best guide her. Strengths, weaknesses, aptitude and potentials jump off the page. We can see how to turn around negative momentum and maximize talents that otherwise may not have been readily apparent. Understanding leads to greater patience, a virtue of immeasurable worth in child-rearing!

How can we challenge the child to bring out the positive Sun sign potential, but, at the same
time, teach her to know clearly when she crosses the line into negatives that could cause her much grief and sorrow later, if not corrected now? This is the challenge before us as educators and parents to our children, even to the child within ourselves. So we search the chart with an eye for potential problem areas that could disrupt, hinder or block the child's best expression. We devise how to turn them around. We take note of the positive potential and see how, like a good seed, it can be nurtured to bring forth the ripest fruit on time.

With a Child Report you will be able to know about your child, their nature before they are even able to speak and communicate their thoughts with you. In this way we could say that the Child Report is more valuable than all others reports.

The planet, their sign and house placement in the chart show the persons maturity or immaturity. Planet are the divine forces and they possess different energy. These energies are necessary to for our living life. Every person have different planetary energy and according to these energies a person has a unique personality. Every planet in different sign and house placement show different personality trait and every planet aligned with some of the work in our lives.

Child Personality Traits / Outlooks

Ascendant or Rising sign:
Your child's Rising Sign will offer clues as to how your child perceives them self or would like others to see them. Rising Sign as important as the Sun Sign in describing identity. This makes sense, since the Ascendant describes the early childhood experience. Depending upon on their planet sign and house placement in the chart we have unique personality. By examine all these planets house and sign placement we can better understand a child. By understanding the significant drives and needs represented by child’s chart, you can better appreciate his strengths/weakness and help guide your child to fulfill his potentials in the healthiest possible way.

The Sun: In a child's chart, the Sun will reveal much about her emerging personality. Your child's greatest strengths and challenges are often described by the qualities of her Sun Sign. Sun represents the quality of identity, ego, confidence, leadership and father in the child birth chart. It describes your child's basic personality traits and their talents. Sun also shows, how your children think of themselves; how they express themselves, how they show in their lives, how they feel inside. It is the center of a child's self-expression. The Sun can also tell us about a child's father.

The Moon: Represents is the mind it shows the reflective nature of the mind , how we takes things and react towards them. Moon show’s children's emotional nature and basic needs also. Moon tells about children's relationship with their mother, how they experience their mother's nurturing. As a result it can also give you insights on how to best nurture your child. When a child feels safe and has their basic needs met, they are better able to achieve their goals later in life.

Mars: Mars is the planet of emotion and drive. When we search for the meaning of something, it is Mars that urges us on, keeps us searching. Mars will tell us what motivates our child, what captures her interest. By studying the aspects formed between Mars and other planets we discern if our child expresses desire in a healthy and direct manner or whether your child feels blocked by inner or outer conditions. We also learn how our child expresses anger, whether in strong bursts (Mars in Fire Signs), bottled up and tears (Mars in Water Signs) or with cutting words (Air signs). With greater understanding we can help our child deal with her feelings in a constructive way. Mars represents physical energy show’s physical strength as well as mental strength.The placement of Mars in child’s chart gives helpful clues about his preferences for play and activity, including sports and achieving physical fitness.

Mercury: Mercury describes the myriad aspects of schooling – teachers, study habits, homework, learning skills, concentration (or lack of it). Your child's relationship with brothers and sisters are indicated by Mercury as well. The way your child thinks, receives, shares and transmits information and knowledge will be revealed by studying the position of Mercury in her chart. Mercury relates to hands, fine motor abilities, and to handwriting and drafting skills. Mercury by sign and element tells us how the child studies and what she likes to study, and how we can help her gain greater academic expertise.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the guru and guide, the way we go through life, our life path and personal philosophy. Our first teachers and guides are usually our parents. Then there are our school teachers, ministers, and other significant adults who enter our life and guide us. Jupiter is the body of knowledge and wisdom made available to us. Represents religious teachings and developing a personal philosophy, this may take a lifetime to develop. Jupiter is a function of the higher knowledge and wisdom of the world. Jupiter connect our consciousness with the divine world. In the child's chart, we look to Jupiter for clues as to how our child seeks to know more about life, what appeals to her, and where she may need to pull in the reins and balance exploration.

Venus: Venus rules our values and sense of appreciation. When we appraise or appreciate something, whether that be another person or a new car, this is Venus – the sense of love and compassion we may feel. Venus in the child's chart shows us what kinds of things our child appreciates, her innate sense of beauty (which can be developed), the manner in which she interacts with her friends and with adults, and how she shows love. Venus represent creativity, art, beauty, giving love and compromising ability in a relationship, and quality of etiquette. Venus represents beauty, an inner quality that every child needs to feel, identify and express.

Saturn: Saturn rules the laws and limitations of this material world we all live in. Saturn indicates where we are bound to learn, the narrowness that makes our way felt, the walls that make homes possible. Saturn holds us together as much as apart. Saturn represents the law and is said to be the Great Teacher. Saturn defines and clarifies. Saturn represents the reality of life in the physical universe. We understand how vital it is that our children learn to accept responsibility, maintain their environment in order, finish homework and projects on time, learn how to delay gratification. Hopefully, they learn as they grow how to turn mistakes into lessons, obstacles into stepping stones to success. Saturn by sign, house, aspect and Saturn cycles in your child's chart and in your own provide a wonderful blueprint whose design you can follow to help your children grow to be successful in this world.

This is one of the best use of Astrology. Your children don’t need to learn from hardship, some of it can be prevented by insight. Children are always looking for guidance and in some way parents do that. Astrology can be used for guidance for Children.