Saturday, August 1, 2015

I love my Little Girl.. Being a Learner

I have 2 children. The younger one is 5 years old and have started to learn thing. I am trying to spend more time with her so that we can work on her learning as she grows.

Initially when ever we wanted to learn or do something she would be like "I don't know" or "It is hard" or "I don't want to do it" or "I don't want to do it now".  These were all the things I was hearing and it was getting really hard on me to get any thing done with her.

I guess she didn't wanted to do things that will show that she doesn't know or if she would struggle.

From observation I saw that she is into drawing things.. so i started working with her on her drawing.. Since she like it .. she started working with me ..  With time I started giving her little tough drawings.. she took time .. had to learn a bit and was able to draw better.. So I started linking if she learn she can do it and it takes multiple tries to get it right..  If she learn and do something.. everyone around her appreciates her which makes her happy and it is fun.

Now she understands that 
  1. As she grows she needs to learn thing.. 
  2. It takes multiple tries to learn
  3. Once we learn there is still room for improvement
  4. She is happy and people are happy around her.
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She is now a learner and is very excited  to learn new things with in limits :-) apt for her age.

This made me think about myself.. 
  1. Am I a learner willing to learn new things? 
  2. What's stopping me from learning? 
  3. If I am a learner will  it make me happy?

Learning is not only @ work.. we need to be learning new thing every day be it .. relationships, people and so many other things.. If I make learning as my attitude how will it change my life .. Most of the time we are suck in the past and get stale.. the life start slowing us down.. if we slow down what will happen to us..

With children we see how exiting it is to learn new thing and it is good.. why do we loose this excitement when we grow? A good question to ask ourselves.

It is nice to have children as they kinda make us think about life again