Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Remedy of weak (debilitated) Mars

In astrology Mars is the planet of individualism, action, a warrior.  Mars is the planet of courage and boldness, braveness, defending,  discipline, will-power, ambition, passion, determination, will to act, initiation, expressing anger, black and white thinking.  Mars represent secret enemies, cuts, fire, violence, competition, accident.  Mars is decision and fighting ability with in us. Mars represent  male friends, brother and brotherly figures in life. Mars is the capacity to fight our inner battles.

A strong Mars gives a person a very strong will power to achieve anything they want. The person have strong willpower, well disciplined, have good tolerance and patience.

Mars Debilitated in Cancer, why mars debilitated or weak here ? because  mars  loses its all power in cancer. Mars is debilitated here because it is opposite of cancer quality.Cancerian people are emotional, Moody,shy,fearful,lack of energy ,Over Sensitive,Dependable. Mars debilitated in Cancer brings a lot of emotions in everything which mars represent. Here the individual lacks in  discipline. When we have a fight with someone it is not good to react at that moment as we become overly emotional and  aggressive due to that we feel frustrated. The person  over attached to the people.

When Mars is placed in cancer the person has lack of courage, is fearful and uncertain about taking direct action which leading to feelings of insecurity that weaken their sense. These people act in an  indirect manner, tends to move cautiously  and avoid direct confrontation as much as possible.

Mars placement in cancer can attract some domestic disagreement and the individual can get highly defensive,uncooperative, and manipulative because their mars energy is drained into emotions. Because they have emotional nature due to that they care for others and sacrifice their own  wishes for  others with time resentment may build up because of this they  feel lack in  personal fulfillment.

This can cause unexpressed anger due to  holding grudges for the long time. There is a tendency for people not in taking appropriate action. They have tendency of  passive-aggressive behavior hence fails to fight back in proper way when required and this causes greater tendency for more conflict and tension.  People  having  Mars debilitated can get easily discouraged by rejection or criticism.The person would be prone to unnecessary tensions and worries and can  be lacking in willpower. The person could be Lacking self-confidence and would not be able to defend his rights and his self respect .

Remedy of weak (debilitated) Mars:

Mars is the planet of individuality one should  recognize his individuality. The person should not be swayed by other people opinion. They should think thoroughly and  have his own opinion and stick to that.

First we should recognize the problem we facing regarding mars debilitation. If someone lack courage they may lack behind in many areas like competition , leadership,taking  decisions,we think a lot before taking any action. For correcting this we should  practice personal courage. We all are fearful of something, but it matters how we deal with fear. One should be thoughtful because mars is the energy to fight for right cause.

  1. The person should try to hold their emotions. They should not be drained in unnecessary emotional drama,and try not to be attached with people unnecessarily.

  1. The person should be clear in what they want in his life and try to do work on it and not get negatively influenced by the others.

  1. The person should develop patience towards criticism and rejection  and should not  outburst in anger because it ruin the relationship.

  1. One should be courageous and  not scared of anything. Try to resolve emotional problem with others.

  1. One should get mentally  strong by practicing meditation. We analyze our weakness when we  mediate.

  1. Try to open or clear the manipura chakra by chakra cleaning therapy.

  1. Pour water on shiving on Saturday and just ask about forgiveness of past life mistake and demand for blessing.

Although mars represent many more thing but I have put emphasis on attitude because our attitude is very small but it make huge difference in our life. A good astrologer can tell about weakness in the person life by checking their horoscope. Debilitated planets in the chart shows weakness of the persons attitude and aspect of life. If we know about our weakness to overcome at the right time we can achieve many things in our life.

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