Saturday, August 1, 2015

Duty and God how do they play into our life

After doing a bit of analysis I think duty is kind of reciprocation or appreciation of source we can gain  from and not become a burden on the society. It is our duty to see an end to an action initiated by us... be whatever it be...

(This article will be work in progress for quite sometime.. as I am trying to articulate the concept of duty as mentioned in the ancient text and try to probably relate it to the life today.)

#Our DutyWhy
1We should respect out parentsbecause they gave us birth and take care of us
2We should respect our eldersas they are learned and guide us in life
3We should respect the lawAs it protects us and our family and provides us an environment to grow
4It is our duty to take care and educate our kidsAs kids are our support in the old age
5It us our duty to take care of our familyAs when we take care of our family they take care of us and we all can prosper
(there is hierarchy of duty, the greater the good the higher it is in the hierarchy. It is our duty to be righteous as it is above all duties)

If we cannot give back to the source of our existence.. we have modeled it and given it a form of GOD/Nature or Universe.

  • We have God of Sun
  • We have God of  Air
  • We have God of Earth
  • We have God of Desires  e.g God of Love, God of Money, God of knowledge
As these are the building blocks of life these energies have influences on us. Each planet around sun has been idolized and their influences have been characterized. 

Overall if we look at it.. it is our duty, give respect, protect the living, worship and thank the energies around us. We needed a form to be given to GOD/Nature for us to thank. That thanks and appreciation became worship... the more we appreciate,focus and value the more we have in life.. This is the law of nature/universe. These energies drive us.. we need to engage and live a meaningful life. Negativity does not help in evolution of Soul.

That is why the study of these influences/energies is the highest of all as it has the potential of untangling us from negative influences, make us a successful and happy. We should channelize the positive influences in us  and overturn the negative.. it will help us living a truly balanced life. 
Our life/soul is an energy which keeps on transforming from one form to another.