Sunday, August 16, 2015

Can we Give more than we Take ?

Giving is the law of nature and we are always thank full to the sun, moon, earth , air, water and fire. These are the heavenly bodies that is part of nature which gives us and are essential for us to survive.. how many time have we hated sun, moon, earth , air and fire.. Probably not much... yes there has been few times when we have very hot weather, high tides caused by moon, earthquakes , high winds,floods and fires. 

Sometimes the all-giving universe/nature can be harsh on us.. when someone is so giving we don't find faults in them.. we find the faults in us to figure out what we did to make them angry rather than .. what they did that made us angry.

So if we are giving in nature .. it doesn't mean that we need to be perfect in every aspect.. I could be good at a certain thing.. e.g if I grow apples I can give/donate apples .. and that is fine.. it will be wrong of people for expecting me to give/donate oranges.. for whatever I have there will be someone who will have less of it and what ever I can spare .. in term of time and resources I should do that.. When we give.. it give us humbleness and to some extent some insight in life, we grow with that insight and become better.. Imagine that we are sitting alone in a home .. there is no opportunity to connect with the universe around us to evolve to be a better soul.

Spirituality @ the core is about giving, knowing our place in the universe,  understand ourselves and be righteous.

Giving and figuring out a way to help those who need is the first step in being a giver than a consumer.. when we are the giver we are part of the source/universe which helps in sustaining life on the planet earth which is part of the universe. This act of giving will give us a sense of belonging and being connected with the universe. Who can fault us on that...

Stay away from people .. who's first thought is that everyone is trying to trick them. We should always be careful about not being taken advantage of..  The first is a negative outlook and later is a Positive outlook towards life.. the outcome is the same. We are protecting ourselves from harm.

Try not to be around selfish people as they will stop the flow of energy

Karma yoga ("the yoga of action") - the Yoga of Selfless Action 
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