Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rahu (North Node) influence in Divorce, Marriage, Relationship Astrology

If we have to consciously breath.. i guess we will all have faced a situation when we would have forgotten to breath and would be in trouble :-). Like breathing we do lot of things subconsciously.. in some ways they are the habits that build up with time .. we don't think about it.. but just do it  like wise when we are in marriage we let our guards down and be who we are without any pretension.  For a marriage to work there are couple of following things that are needed .. some are subconscious influences which with habits we try to overcome.
  1. Love,Respect, Compromise for each other (Venus)
  2. Have no ego in relationship (Sun)
  3. Having a feeling of Disconnect (Ketu/South Node)
  4. Crazy in love & Relationships (Rahu /North Node)
  5. Aggression, argument and fighting  (Mars)
  6. Emotions, mind, imagination (Moon)
  7. Understanding things correctly (Mercury)
  8. Learning, teaching, higher wisdom  (Jupiter)
  9. Commitment and Duties (Saturn)
For this conversation we will consider Rahu (North Node) as a planet in relationship, its influences and how it can get us near a divorce if we don't understand it the subconscious influences and change our habits and approach in relationship. 
Rahu is the point in our subconscious mind where we want grow towards in life, Rahu is never satisfied, chaos in life, amplifier of the things, obsession of what we desire, illusion and possibility in life, it is future. Rahu also bring stress and fear in life.  So if Rahu influence on 7th house or Rahu with Venus  etc), it makes you unsatisfied with relationship. 

Let's consider one by one how these are important..

Rahu (North Node) can cause us to be never satisfiedWhat happens we are not satisfied, we are not happy and keep on complaining (Rahu in 7th house). If this happens a lot in a relationship The other person has no way to make you satisfied.. which can cause lot of stress and eventually lead to stress in the relationship. In a relationship we should figure out what is achievable and aim for it. Sometime we do have to aim more than what is achievable as it is a need .. and we need to work on it to achieve.

Rahu (North Node) can cause amplification of desire & obsession: Rahu causes amplification of desires ( Rahu with Venus) which can lead to obsession of desire. As said obsession is not a good thing in relationship.. may be that is  good thing in work life , but still it needs to be with in limits otherwise it creates a imbalance which is not good for the relationships.

Rahu (North Node) can cause illusion and possibilities in life : Rahu is obsession and obsession can cause illusions and very high hopes without a  plan of achieving them in life. (Rahu with Jupiter and Jupiter rule your 7th house) . If we have high hopes in a relationship and there is no way to manifest it or we are not willing to put an effort to achieve it .. it will cause the partner to be stuck with high hopes related with partner and where we are not able to achieve as we may not have any plan.. this can cause lot of stress in the relationship.

Rahu (North Node) can also bring chaos, stress and fear in life : Since we are trying to achieve stable emotions ( Rahu with Moon ) and have not figured out how exactly it will work out or have the energy to achieve it or have the time .. it will cause chaos , stress and fear of not achieving in life.. with all these things going around the relationships becomes primary.. which can cause stress in relationships..

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