Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bad glasses will make the World look bad ( Change your Glasses/Attitude)

As said "We are responsible for what happens to us" and to some extend to our family. The story of life starts with when we are born. We were all born Incompetent for today with no Communication Skills We have to learn, grow and do our best in Becoming a Super learner. With learning we try to understand and perceive the world. e.g see how kids perceive learning  , they can be our role model to learn.

With this perception we communicate and use vocabulary. When we communicate it needs to be done right otherwise it may so happen that what we say could mean totally different to someone else.

When we are asking for Answers from Others the conservation can go multiple ways we may have to deal with Idealistic people and Society. In some instances we may question ourselves… Are people lying to us? Or are they giving us Bad Advice? It may come out that there are So many Problems around us We may think we are right and get into Winning an Argument if we are Technically Right will that make us happy?.It may be possible that we could be 
Dealing with Confused, Unsure, Insecure People. We should deal with respect.

Communication is a must and it cannot be avoided... What happens is that The People Who Wants to talk less are the people end up talking most :-).

We want to have as many Well Wishers as possible. But, how many do we have? By Being Angry and Irritated will not make us Happy We all should have a "Not Mad" Switch.

Sometime we are depressed for no reason Depression in Astrology. If we do Meditation then we don't have to deal with depression and can be happy. We should aim for Growing in Silence (As they say Silence is Golden) as it can help us being at Peace Inside.
As we know relationships are tough... The toughest one is with your spouse as astrologically our spouse or the significant other is opposite to who we are. This is the karma of life for most of us as Your (Husband/Wife) is the biggest (Influential) Planet around you Astrology.

As we go through life It is Hard to be Happy.. :-) So we choose to be Unhappy , but then Failure is not an Option. We need to support our-self and our families.

We need to start with Eating Right for the Right Mind and Success. You may have heard about Law of Attraction and How to Change Fate (Freewill) . Universe can devise a way to fulfill our desires and dreams... So don’t hit back at the Universe become a Sponge and be Happy.

We all have Desire/Wants so we need to understand the philosophy of Karma and How Fate/Destiny Works Together once you are able to understand this concept you can Start Predicting Your Future One day at a Time.

It may or may not happen to you... At some age we can got through MidLife Crisis. We need to learn now or later as there is Never a perfect time, but we need to grow up anyways

When we engage in Listening, Speaking and Altruism we can become a better person and as said Spirituality = Good behavior + Empathy + Aligning with universe + Lot more :-) In today’s world we need to be Living in the present, balancing Professional and Spiritual Life integrate the opposit as it will be hard to leave our duties, responsibilities and become a BHIKSHU. Can we Give more than we Take ?


Astrology can help you understand the subconscious influences on your mind and also help in your 1on1 with yourself. Here is my personal experience of how I have Positively used Astrology. As initially said  "We are responsible for what happens to us" 

The Nature of universe is to give & forgive..we need to make it our nature to live in harmony with universe and
Our life/soul is an energy which keeps on transforming from one form to another.

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