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Venus and Mercury together (conjunction) in Astrology

Venus represents pleasure of life, relationships, comfort, convenience of luxurious items like a car, air conditioning, clothing, jewelry, wealth, and beauty inside the home. Since Venus signifies pleasure, it can be any kind of pleasure sex, art, entertainment, interior decoration, anything related to having fun represents by Venus. anything which give happiness and pleasure is Venus.

Mercury is represents intelligence, communication, media, writing ability, speaking ability, ability to do business. it also present funny part in personalty, how much can a person entertain others depends on Mercury.

When Venus and Mercury come together these people very cheerful, happy and artistic in nature.Both represent art, skills, music, and romance. These two planets amplify each others energy. They make brilliant romantic authors, musicians, actors, and writers. Since Mercury is business and management skills, and Venus is creativity, this conjunction shows someone who can be a successful businessman

However this conjuction give different result according their sign placement.

Venus with Mercury in Aries: these people have aggressive speech, here person is very humorous and gossiping loving. these people very at its best, vision, initiative, courage, because the conjunction Mercury-Venus unites the head with the heart, firing the mind with artistic feelings and the heart with understanding, promoting great conversations and intelligent as well as exciting relationships. they are very fond of entertainment, rather than deep study these people like to maintaining a good physique.

Venus with Mercury in Taurus: these people are very good, pleasant speaker. they are expert at dealing with the beautiful things in life, such as lovely people, lovely clothes, and dealing with others with your natural charming personality. these people like to make jewellery design. they can be good poet and singer.

Venus with Mercury in Gemini: these people are very talkative and intelligent. they have good writing skill, they can write story about fairies and romantics novels. they are very fun loving person, they cannot sit at one place their mind always wandering into how to pleasure and life enjoyment. they can be into teaching of art and drama.

Venus with Mercury in Cancer: these people are very wise, scholarly, strong, calm, talented, affluent, charming, diplomatic.they may gain through voyaging and water products. these people close to mother and home.

Venus and Mercury in Leo: they have a noble nature in their approach to life. these people are a high class with refined tastes, a love for individuality and pleasure. in this sign person become very creative, the person can pursue fashion designing course, Graphic arts and cartooning.person can be a model.

Venus with Mercury in Virgo: The native is courteous, learned and very intelligent. not good combination for relationship the person is very fault find in relationship. they are good in mathematics and calculations. they can go in the banking, accountant carrier.

Venus with Mercury in Libra: these people are expert at dealing with the beautiful things in life, such as lovely people, lovely clothes, and dealing with others with natural charming personality.When it comes to romance, Mercury has the skill and charm of seduction, while Venus has the ability to love and sustain a relationship. these people have balance approach towards life. they can be home decorative.

Venus with Mercury in Scorpio: these people very passionate and love to listen music very loud.they are very affected greatly by desire and beauty and you act swiftly on such matters. these people interested in occult science and mysteries of life. they want to explore life with the deeper meaning.

Venus with Mercury in Sagittarius: they drive for success in life and way of thinking that guides them in such a way as to achieve their ends through education, knowledge and other, more noble, higher pursuits. they pursue their relation more on spiritual side rather than entertainment.

Venus with Mercury in Capricorn: these people are very serious and deeper thinker. although they enjoy fun at work place. they are very communicative with their employ in a loving way.

Venus with Mercury in Aquarius: these people Learned, wealthy, scientific outlook, honest, acquisitive and fame through public service. they can communicate with the masses beautifully.

Venus with Mercury in Pisces: here Mercury debilitated the person loses its focus on studies and other logical thinking these people very sentimental and very emotional in communication. needs to control their unnecessary emotions and try to focus of the life goal.

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