Friday, August 28, 2015

Mars influence in Divorce, Marriage, Relationship Astrology

If we have to consciously breath.. i guess we will all have faced a situation when we would have forgotten to breath and would be in trouble :-). Like breathing we do lot of things subconsciously.. in some ways they are the habits that build up with time .. we don't think about it.. but just do it  like wise when we are in marriage we let our guards down and be who we are without any pretension.  For a marriage to work there are couple of following things that are needed .. some are subconscious influences which with habits we try to overcome.
  1. Love,Respect, Compromise for each other (Venus)
  2. Have no ego in relationship (Sun)
  3. Having a feeling of Disconnect (Ketu/South Node)
  4. Crazy in love & Relationships (Rahu /North Node)
  5. Aggression, argument and fighting  (Mars)
  6. Emotions, mind, imagination (Moon)
  7. Understanding things correctly (Mercury)
  8. Learning, teaching, higher wisdom  (Jupiter)
  9. Commitment and Duties (Saturn)
For this conversation we will consider Mars as a planet in relationship, its influences and how it can get us near a divorce if we don't understand it the subconscious influences and change our habits and approach in relationship.

Mars is will power for getting things done and vitality, it's our ability to take action. Mars is very impulsive and spontaneous It also represents anger. Mars represents the sexual energy, physical side of love, passion and energy

Let's consider one by one how these are important..

Mars is action,will power for getting things done and vitality: This is very important for life and in general relationships, if we don't have will power to do something we will not be able to. Life is tough, expansive and challenging, it is very much required.

Mars is anger,impulsive and spontaneous: This is a surprise.. sometimes we like the impulsive nature of a person or the spontaneity in them.. in a relationship both the person needs to be into it, if not get's tough to be with a person who wants to do something exciting at the middle of the night or no where. Anger is something that is always challenging in life and relationship if we have it .. it can make the relationships tough  

Mars is discipline and  courage to follow right thing: In someways this is key to a successful married life. If we are not into it then why are 2 people living together , there could be other reasons .. if this does not exist then then people can get distance among them and that can make a relationship tough.

Mars/Mangal Dosha : This is a know fact in astrology that a Mars/Mangal dosha that if a person has a strong hyped up mars they should marry a person with the same energy as other people will not be able to deal with the aggressive nature of the Mars person.

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