Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jupiter Conjunction (together) With Saturn / Mars / Mercury in Astrology

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, hope, wisdom, luck, wealth, finance, children, travel, and gains in life. Jupiter is the husband in women char. Jupiter is the guiding force in every woman's life. Jupiter is guru and grace of god. If someone have good Jupiter in horoscope its mean he have god grace, and everything is life taken care. Jupiter is guidance of life.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Saturn is the planet of world, limitation, boundaries it makes person aware of time, as Saturn shows you the truth of life. It teaches to live in reality, Saturn is delater of thing in life, disciplined, practicality, long term goal in life. Saturn makes people humble by giving harshness in life. Saturn is the steadiness of mind, power to live in lonely and do good meditation.

These two planets are different in nature in astrology. Saturn is about materialism, reputation, status, power and security of life. And Jupiter is the planet of spirituality, religion which connect us with other world or with true wisdom of life. Although they are neutral to each other but Jupiter debilitated in Saturn sign where he forced to do material thing which he don’t like. They both present wealth. When Jupiter conjunction with Saturn based on karma and they gives hope, optimism, guidance, wealth, and happiness related with past life karma. However Saturn delays things therefore this conjunction delays these things in life. These people found themselves around the age of 29 or 36 of age. These people dreams and hope are always obstructed by realism and practicality due to Saturn. They pursue their goals in a systematic,disciplined, slowly and steadily. These people are responsible, disciplined, focused, and hard worker. Initially their spiritual journey is hampered but later on they become very spiritual. They are seeker of knowledge. Jupiter represents husband in women chart if a women have this conjunction she may get  this kind of husband.

Jupiter conjunct Mars

Mars is the planet of action, individuality, courage, defending, discipline, will-power, ambition, passion, will to act, initiation, expressing anger, black and white thinking. Mars represent secret enemies, cuts, fire, violence, competition, accident. Mars is decision and fighting ability with in us. Mars represent male friends, brother and brotherly figures in life.

Jupiter and Mars are good friend in astrology. This conjunction known as guru mangal yoga, the Jupiter (guru) and Mars (Mars) Yoga. This is very good conjuction because Mars is action and when it come with Jupiter it boost energy into a person with guidance and knowledge. The person is energetic, resourceful, pioneering, and adventurous. These people are very hopeful optimistic and lively in life approach. They like to know about life mysteries and like to learn about philosophy, religious and spirituality. They take their action with very thoughtful way they are not irrational in their action. It makes them have leadership qualities and fight for the right cause. They are guided by a higher knowledge and guidance. As Jupiter represents teacher if these people in teaching subject they teach their student with passion and with full of energy. This conjunction person to act to do good work which leads to them in return to gain wealth, worldly comfort and financial success. They have good ability for do business and they can be founder of big Company. Jupiter represents husband in women chart if a women have this conjunction she may get  this kind of husband.

Jupiter conjunct Mercury

Mercury is the planet of intellect, speech, mathematics, analysis and logic. Mercury represents intellectual capacity, independent type of thinking ,how you memorize the things, Mercury is about a quick wit, how you calculate the things. Mercury represents the learning and Speaking ability all intellectual activities in general., how you communicate with the people. Reasoning and the ability to rationalize things.

Mercury is intelligence, and Jupiter is abstract knowledge . Jupiter is a believe it may be right or wrong. But when Jupiter conjunction with Mercury then this person have ability to find truth or true meaning of life. They are able to find whether their belief is right or wrong. They have good judgement power and discrimination power. This combination makes good teacher teacher. They are have good intellectual level and they like to talk about with optimism and hope. They are good speaker about spirituality, philosophy, and religion. Mercury represent ideas and Jupiter is expansion generally these people have big ideas about the life and how to make it better. They are good in studies and higher learning. Jupiter is wealth and Mercury is calculation they are good in analytical and calculation they can be good financial adviser. Jupiter represents husband in women chart if a women have this conjunction she may get  this kind of husband.

These are the general result when planet in good sign or good dignity. Result can be different according to the sign and house placement of the junction. 

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Simple Remedy of Constipation, Pores, Blackheads, Gray and Falling of Hair

Nowadays life is full of stress. There is hardly anyone who has peace in their mind living their life. People have many problems in their life like loss of job, lack of happiness due to some reason e. g Loss of love, unhappy married life and stressful relationship with relatives. It is very difficult to live in a balance. But when we lose our balance we lose our peace of mind and we loss health. And due to all these things we may feel constipated, not able to take care of skin and due to stress our hair start turning gray growing and falling off.

In fact when we are depressed we feel lack of energy, we don’t like to do many things, everything looks like a hassle. But we need to take care of our self so that we should not get caught in the big health issue. When we suffer from emotional turmoil we don’t want to do anything, but we can do things which are easy and not expensive.

These problems like constipation, pores, blackheads in the skin, graying and falling hair due to our negligence attitude. Means people who are lazy or not able to take care their skin properly they can apply this remedy for all these problems.

We have heard about essential oils but never use them. Some may be using them, if we started using these essential oils in right proportion we can avoid many health problems in our life.

Coconut oil and olive oil have the properties which can relives from all these problems. I used these oils for my dryness of the skin but what i found after using them, that my skin become more soft and supple with time, and my pore of the skin get started to shrink and my blackheads of my skin came out very easily from my face. This is amazing thing i found after using these oils. Even eczema and fungal skin problems also get cured from these oils.

You can also benefited by these oil and get rid of these skin problems and at the same time these oils keeps you younger looking .

Taking one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of olive oil and it takes away many problems at the same time. Mostly we asked people and searched in internet what should i do for all these problems. You can relieved from these problems by simply taking simple step. This is not a big hassle, only one teaspoon of both oil in the day whatever time you like.

For strengthening hair and to keep them black for longer time you need to do two things only. One is take amla/gooseberry capsule and Methi/Fenugreek powder capsule daily. It keeps hair shiny, strong and prevent to graying of the hair. 

These oils also helps in fading stretch marks with time and also make skin tighten and supple.

This is just like wonder, you don't need to give much time to improve your beauty and just taking these oils you become more beautiful and more young.

Constipation problem also get relieved because these oil make movement easy. People who suffer from constipation they can also try this remedy.
Please consult your doctor before taking these oil. This is my personal experience I benefited from this. Thought to share with you all if you want healthy and beautiful skin in less investment and less time with no effort then try this.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Jupiter with Sun or Moon together (Conjunction) in Astrology

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, hope, wisdom, luck, wealth, finance, children, travel, and gains in life. Jupiter is the husband in women char. Jupiter is the guiding force in every woman's life. Jupiter is guru and grace of god. If someone have good Jupiter in horoscope its mean he have god grace, and everything is life taken care. Jupiter is guidance of life.

Sun is the soul, king, father, the ultimate source of life without Sun there is no life. Sun is ego, Pride, confidence, authority, personality and vitality of body.

Sun and Jupiter are friends in astrology. When the Jupiter and Sun come together or in conjunction, it makes person wise, optimistic, generous, warm harted and humble. They have good status in the society. These people have very positive approach towards life, they are well behaved. Jupiter expand things with time it expand their confidence with time. The confidence of the person grows with time. Sun represents father, these people have good support from father. Father is the main figure in their life who teaches them about wisdom of life. Their relationship with the father grow with time. They have good relationship father. Sun and Jupiter conjunction makes person to attract people through generosity and humbleness. They are the centre of attraction where they live. Generally they are respectful to their father and teachers. As the Jupiter is expansion here Jupiter expand Sun qualities, here it expand personality, these people can be very extravagant, very big-hearted, and can tend to overdo just about everything. They need to take precaution because they can be overconfident. Although this conjunction can modify according the sign placement. If women have this kind of junction she may get this kind of husband.

Moon is mind, it is the conscious, it is the Moon who travel life to life it carry our soul to the next life according to the karma. Moon is mother and peace of mind. Moon is very important planet, it is from the Moon we experience life.

When the Moon and Jupiter come together, Jupiter and the Moon are best friend. This combination known as Gajakesari yoga in vedic astrology. Jupiter is hope, optimism and expansion of things, it makes person very hopeful and inspire. These people very generous and cheerful all the time. Jupiter also represents wealth, these people know how to create wealth and they get many opportunity in their life to make wealth. Moon represent mother they have good relationship with mother. And if this conjunction in women chart, it makes great mother who has lot of wisdom to share with her children and their relation with mother is very good. There is a great deal of learning and wisdom through mother and overall life in general. This conjunction occur in those people horoscope who have done something good in their past lives. These people are very fond of learning about spiritual and religious things. Because Jupiter is with the mind these people have guidance from angels throughout their life. They never lose their hope in verse situation of life. They try to always hopeful and optimistic in life. Because Jupiter represents husband in women chart this women find husband who is caring and optimistic in life. These women are lucky.

These are the general effect when planets are in good sign. But these conjunction can give different result according to the different sign placement.

For e.g. For Cancer ascendant Jupiter is functional malefic planet it rules it 6th house. 6th house is malefic house in astrology so when Jupiter mahadasha came in life, the person may suffer some 6th house issues.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Creativity in Children Astrology

Every parent expects their children to develop some kind of special talent. Every child has the potential of certain talent in them. Most parents find difficulty in determining exactly which creative talent their child have. The child horoscope profile is an excellent guide to his special interest and abilities. Using this information parents can help a child find several alternative that will not only provide creative outlets, but enhance their psychological strengths.

The 5th house is called the house of creative self-expression. The 5th house also represents the area of love, which can be expressed through creative activities. The 11th house is the opposite of 5th house tells us receiving love. This is the house where we create our goals. Creativity flows naturally and most beneficially when the child is doing something they really love to do. Through the creative self-process, the child open to greater self-love.

Venus is the planet of love and expression of feeling of love. Venus also represents beauty, a quality which lies with in each of us and which we need to feel and express. The sign in which Venus is placed shows artistic talent of the child. 

Venus in sign is artistic and creative expression of the child.

Venus in Aries: Designing hats, hairdressing, drums and athletic dance.

Venus in Taurus: Singing and music, flower decoration and jewelry making,

Venus in Gemini: Playing violin and guitar, prestidigitation (magic tricks), knitting and sewing.

Venus in Cancer: Cooking, Doll making, water ballet and gardening.

Venus in Leo: Acting, circus performing, movie making and creative games.

Venus in Virgo: Sculpting, drafting, fine line drawing and etching and calligraphy.

Venus in Libra: Fashion design, music, making confections and acting.

Venus in Scorpio: Magic arts, underwater photography and cello.

Venus in Sagittarius: Animal trainings especially horses, promoting others and journalism.

Venus in Capricorn: Ice sculpting, ice dancing and creation with crystal.

Venus in Aquarius: Innovative arts, ice skating and music composition.

Venus in Pisces: Visionary arts, Animation and swimming.

If Venus aspect or conjunct by any other planet modify the creative interest of the child. These aspect or conjunction may enhance or inhibited the energy.

Venus conjunct Sun: The sense of self-expression with grace, charm in a refined and artistic manner. The Sun gives a dramatic power to artistic expression. This would be helpful in acting and modeling.

Venus conjunct Moon: The sense of self-expression through emotions.

Venus conjunct Mercury: The sense of self-expression through verbal communication and writing skill.

Venus conjunct Mars: They have talent in dance and visual arts and the child is boldly expressive.
Jupiter and Saturn also affect creative expression of the child when they are conjunct with Venus. Others trans personal planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also affect Venus when the conjunct with Venus.

Uranus aspect to Venus brings interest in application of technological like synthesized music, computer games, electronic and desktop publishing.

Neptune aspect to Venus brings sensitivity, mysticism and vision to the creative expression. The house position of Neptune can indicate the dreams and imaginations flows and the inner realms can be connected ti the outside world.

Pluto aspect to the Venus brings intensity, power, and passion to artistic expression. Transforming stones into statue is an excellent example of Venus aspected by Pluto.

Saturn aspect to Venus brings concentration, focus and limitations. What types of support the child needs indicated by the planet Saturn.

Through analyzing the needs and the potential talents from the 5th house, Venus, Mercury and other planets, we can determine positive creative directions for the child and encourage them to explore and express these aspects of the self.